discussion with American-Syrians living in Latakia for two decades

Lilly Martin and Steven Sahiounie in Latakia, Syria.

Lilly Martin and Steven Sahiounie in Latakia, Syria, Apr 2014.

Lilly Martin and her son Steven Sahiounie have lived in Latakia, Syria for the past nearly 22 years. Both are active writers and observers of the (manufactured) crisis in Syria.  In April, we met in a hotel in the relatively secure and surprisingly “normal” coastal city. Below is a chat with them, which I found quite enlightening, also disturbing, but particularly since they have the scope of having lived in the States and now in Syria for the past two decades, their thoughts are well-worth hearing.

Lilly maintains the FB page “Syria is my home“and provides important insights into life in Latakia in particular and in Syria these past few tumultuous years.

Scenes from Latakia below:



Syrian update prior to Presidential election, Lilly Martin, May 3, 2014, OpEd News

Direct from Lakatia, Syria, Mar 27, 2014, Lilly Martin, Op-Ed News

Kenneth Roth and “Human Rights Watch”: campaigners for war and terror in Syria, Australians for Reconciliation in Syria

Important Articles on Syria, Syria Solidarity Movement

Israeli Military Support to Syria Al Qaeda Terrorists, Operating out of the Golan Heights, Global Research

New York Times Admits It Pushed Fabricated Evidence about Iraq, Syria and Ukraine, Washington’s Blog

The Criminal Record of the Head of the Syrian National Coalition, New Eastern Outlook



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