latest from Syria’s democratic elections

A Syrian TV channel is interviewing Syrian after Syrian, women, men, Muslim, non, and they’re all (emphatically) saying they want Syria to return to how it was before; that the scheming of Israel, the West and certain Gulf states is bound to fail; that they want the terrorist to leave Syria; that believe in Bashar al-Assad.

Yes, there is a comparatively small percentage of Syrians (in and moreover OUTSIDE of Syria) who don’t support President Assad, but the corporate media’s reporting that Syrians are voting because they’re afraid is absolute garbage. The Syrians IN Syria have seen what Bashar al-Assad has done for Syria in the past decade, particularly in the past few years, having the constitution re-written, calling for pluralistic elections, and most important…staving off the foreign and foreign-back insurgents who daily commit terrorist acts in civilian areas (even now, I’m getting reports from a friend in Damascus on the mortars raining down on Damascus, which at last count today alone have killed at least one girl and injured many others…

It’s one thing to simply register and vote because you are supposedly “afraid of repercussions if you don’t vote” and another thing to vehemently support the election, Assad, the Syrian army.

I can only strongly encourage those who can to visit Syria and speak with average civilians, as many of us have. You will find their narratives are the complete opposite of that portrayed by the corporate media.


  1. thank you so much eva, for you good work. it helps so much for those of us who care, to hear the voice of sanity, my friend joanne tawfilisj sent me your gaza reports, and i subscribed.
    i am cringing from the obama regime’s vituperation at the syrian victory, which is a victory for all of us. it gives us hope and inspration fo those who struggle to get out from under the yoke
    of us agression and it’s imperial intentions. long live Syria! rhoda

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