Syrians out to vote, the photos speak for themselves

Reports are flooding social media on the masses of Syrians participating (joyfully, singingly!) in the democratic elections in Syria today.  On May 28 and 29, like images and reports abounded from around the world, in the countries which did not close Syrian embassies and prevent democracy.

Today, the streets of Syrian cities are filled with like images of Syrians decked-out in Bashar al-Assad clothes, waving Syrian flags, casting their votes, dancing in the streets.  It looks ridiculously wonderful. [see also: Syrians Celebrate First Pluralistic Presidential Election]

The Damascus airport is reportedly packed with Syrians from abroad who’ve come for one day to simply cast their votes, unable to do so in the countries in which they reside, either because there is no Syrian embassy or because their right to vote has been vetoed by democracy-loving Presidents and PMs.  Lebanon’s crossing into Syria was flooded with Syrians wishing to vote. Many tried to do so on May 28 & 29, but while the embassy did extend voting for an entire second day, they were still not able to accommodate all the Syrians waiting to vote. Time will tell whether these Syrians at the Lebanese crossing were permitted to enter Syria to vote, but from reports in previous days, it looks unlikely that the Lebanese authorities have allowed Syrians here to go to Syria, without consequences to their future residency in Lebanon.

That said, photos show the hoards of Syrians waiting in the heat, determined to exercise their right and to fight for the future of their country. This is patriotism, and real democracy, in action.

A group on Facebook, The Syrian Revolution; the Untold Story, posted:

An American Syrian FB friend from Lattakia[referring to Lilly Martin], wrote earlier; I am with an International Election Observer delegation: many from USA, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. I am not the only American on the team in Latakia, they flew in from Damascus this morning and Mayor picked them up at the airport. My colleague Paul is in Homs, and we have people all over Syria.
This is the polling place next to my home, it is an elementary school. The atmosphere was really nice, and many people voting. The procedures were all followed and there were observers watching that everything was done correctly. No one asked who you voted for, and everything was private. Those are the keys to free voting, to allow people to have privacy to mark their own ballot, as they like. Then the ballot was placed by the voter into a white envelope, so when they put it into the box, no one could see who the voter had voted for. Privacy and a pleasant atmosphere.

Another friend did caution that people are casting their votes and hurrying away from voting stations, due to threats made yesterday by armed terrorist groups in Syria that they would attack voting stations.  But that said, the photos filling web pages show a people determined to decide their country’s future, determined to choose their own leader rather than have an exile leader delivered by the West. [see also: Is Washington Planning a Terrorist Operation against Syria on the Day of the Elections?]

Syria 24 English posted:

“Today is a decisive one for Syria history, ” Syria presidency candidate, Mr. Maher al-Hajar stresses.
“Syria is a sovereign state, we are free and no one decides our affairs instead of us.  Syrians’ freedom by electing their president is the most important matter.”

Below are a collection of photos gleaned from the internet, with sources and venues when possible.


10334265_684892771546508_3622301169864731780_n Mufti Ahmed Bader al-Din Hassoun casts his vote for the presidential elections. Syria 24 English


10406526_684851378217314_7892248049463273186_nSyria 24 English10259996_684842028218249_6169459126006285868_nPresident #Assad with citizens during casting his vote at a school Shahid Naeem Massarani in the neighborhood of al-Maliki in Damascus. Syria 24 English 10438344_684845321551253_5518701897380127238_nAleppo, Syria 24 English 
Damascus voters, Sana News
Damascus voters, Sana News
Aleppo, Syria, Sana News
Damascus airport, Syrians voting in the 2014 elections.
Damascus airport, Syrians voting in the 2014 elections.
Syrians in Homs vote, Sana News
Syrians in Homs vote, Sana News


10336689_247218922135899_7485455536389530376_nSyria Report 2 News

more photos here: Syria’s presidential elections, a historic turning point (photo report)







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