“freedom”: Homs resident speaks of the early days of the “crisis”

This is a conversation I had with a Homs man earlier in June. Homs, dubbed by the corporate media the “heart of the ‘revolution’…” hear what he says about freedom and the terrorist-rebels:

You call for ‘freedom’, so my choice is Bashar al-Assad. This is my choice. ‘No, we must kill you for this choice, because you don’t know….you must die for this choice.’


37 thoughts on ““freedom”: Homs resident speaks of the early days of the “crisis”

  1. […] “It was as though we were supposed to talk about terrorism as ‘Freedom': Freedom to kill, Freedom to destroy, Freedom to kidnap, to loot…This was viewed by some as signs of ‘Freedom’. Arab and Western media, channels like Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, have played a vital role in confusing issues.” [see my related: “freedom”: Homs resident speaks of the early days of the “crisis”] […]

  2. […] In Homs, I also came across a neighbourhood party raging into the evening, celebrating the recent overwhelming election of President al-Assad. Two interesting aspects about that party (aside from the awesome Dabke dancing and music) was that it was roughly a week after the elections… people were STILL celebrating. And that it comprised local residents AND Syrian soldiers… which again contradicts the MSM narrative that the Syrian people are afraid of and abused by their army. [VIDEO HERE]. And I spoke with a resident who gave his account of the sectarianism present from the beginning in the demonstrations in his district [see: “freedom”: Homs resident speaks of the early days of the “crisis”]. […]

  3. […] His story was beyond sad, as was that that of Zeinat and Aymen who had remained in their homes and been repeatedly robbed by the armed gangs till they near-starved…and the stories of other Homs residents I met who spoke of the NATO-alliance murderers’ version of “Freedom”. […]

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