spread the word

Grab a random, uninformed person, and find a way to tell them Palestinians are being slaughtered by one of the world’s most powerful and advanced armies.

Ideally, continue the conversation to introduce the reality that Syrians do not want Western intervention and are being slaughtered by mercenaries from over 80 countries who don’t give a shit about freedom and democracy and are doing their–paid–utmost to destroy both.

Hama, Syria, in recent days:  yesterday 14 were massacred (including women and children…that seems to reach people’s empathy, sadly, more than just generally stating humans), most be-headed, by the mercenaries tearing apart Syria, and today another 3 were murdered. Brutal video, but we must be informed about what is being done to our fellow human beings…funded, trained, supported by democracy-loving Western and Arab nations. The video of the be-headings yesterday will make you weep, but we must know what they are doing to Syrians.

3 thoughts on “spread the word

  1. So true. The world can no longer turn away from unimaginable barbarity, while at the same time failing to speak out about those responsible for financing/enabling war crimes.

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