bloggers and activists from/in Gaza

Most who are following this latest, absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH SECURITY, massacre are looking for good sources from within Gaza. Here are some I am following and sharing:


Haidar Eid (independent political commentator, One Democratic State Group, Professor at al Aqsa University). His latest: Gaza: Signposts on the road to liberation      see also: URGENT CALL FROM GAZA CIVIL SOCIETY: ACT NOW!

Omar Ghraieb, blogger at Gaza: In The Eyes of The Beholder. His latest: Day 4 of Israeli aggression on Gaza: 124 killed, 925 injured

Awni Farhat, blogger at Awni Farhat. His latest: ‘Last night in Gaza – mourning my grandmother while the bombs fell’

Joe Catron, American activist and political commentator.  FB and Twitter.

Julie Webb-Pullman, New Zealand activist and blogger at Gaza Scoop. Her latest: Attacks on Al Wafa hospital: When moral capacity is absent, what then?

Rami Almeghari, Palestinian journalist, from Meghazi. His latest, on Electronic Intifada, Rami Almeghari reports from Gaza.

Dr. Mona El-Farra, physician in Gaza. Her latest, on Electronic Intifada, Israel pummels Gaza

See also:

Live From Gaza Where Israel Rains Death:



Al Akhbar

International Middle East Media Center

International Solidarity Movement


Electronic Intifada

Ma’an News

Crescent International

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

If Americans Knew

Institute for Middle East Understanding

Global Research





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