child with half his head blown away… thank you US tax dollars and Western/Gulf complicity

“Saher Abu Namous, 4, after the targeting of their house next to the Kamal Adwan hospital in the north.”

Please take less than one minute to watch this video and feel the pain of Saher’s father. We owe him at least that.

Al Akhbar updated:

At least 120 Palestinians — the vast majority of whom are civilians — have been killed and over 700 injured so far since a massive Israeli air and naval assault against the besieged Gaza Strip was launched on July 8. Homes, markets, and vital infrastructure have been targeted by the Israeli military, causing destruction and thousands of displaced people. This current attack is the bloodiest since an eight-day assault was launched by the Israeli military on Gaza in the November 2012 which left 177 Palestinians dead and over 1,300 wounded in the span of eight days.

Al-Akhbar’s news coverage of Israel’s attacks against Gaza can be viewed on this link.

Gaza Scoop reported on the Zio shelling of the Wafa Hospital for the Disabled (NOT the first time):

“Four Israeli missiles smashed into Al Wafa Rehabilitation Hospital at 2am Friday, in what can only be described as a barbaric war crime. Israel calls it ‘roof knocking.’ It is usually the precursor to a major attack that destroys the building and all within it.

The 14 patients who remain in the facility are all high-dependency, and unable to be transferred elsewhere. Many are intubated, a quarter are comatose, most are fully or partially paralysed and unable to mobilise. They range in age from 13 years to over 80, and about half are in their 20’s and 30’s.

None of them are militants, resistance fighters, or terrorists. They are all, each and every one of them, civilians. Their injuries were sustained through illness (meningitis, stroke during childbirth) or accident (electrocution, drowning, traffic accident).

They cannot even lift a spoon, let alone a gun.”

On a more personal level, Omar Ghraieb in Gaza blogged:

“This makes it the third Israeli open war against Gaza in 5 years or less. This isn’t a report, this is a personal account of what I lived today through the fourth day of Israel’s new aggression on Gaza.

The Israeli targets in Gaza remained the same but expanded to include a handicap association Northern Gaza, which caused the death of two or more handicapped females. Mosques and houses were bombed as usual, also cars and motorbikes and all the usual targets. Oh and humans ofcourse. Another cemetery was bombed, and the old cemetery was bombed again. Basically, everything in Gaza is a potential target.

124 Palestinians have been killed, 935+ others got injured. Israel carried out 2025 bombings across Gaza so far, or even more, using 400 tons of explosives every day, give and take. Yesterday, people noticed a fog covering due to smoke bombs fired from Israeli tanks. It might contain poisonous gas, cast lead flashbacks. Most casualties (dead and injured) are women and children, as usual, and dare to tell me they aren’t civilians.

I will not lie and say life here is normal, but it hasn’t stopped either. People do be careful and stay homebound (not that it saves you or anything, no place here is safe) but also go to work and buy groceries and the usual stuff. Its Ramadan, although its hard to feel the blessings and magic of this holy month through all this madness. We went through similar situations to the extent that each one of us become a walking guide book on how to survive though war, and also sound experts. You know to immediately stalk medicine and all the basic needs like water, bread and canned food when such things occur (they usually occur out of nowhere) but during times like this, even basic needs become trivial.

Many explosions were nearby to where I live, but one explosion was so nearby that I lost hearing for a few minutes. But it came back, thankfully….”

Real News interview on the lead-up to and current situation in this latest war ON Gaza:

“The kidnapping of the three Israeli teens occurred on June 12 against the backdrop of unprecedented political pressure on Netanyahu, the Hamas-Fatah unity deal, which he sought to shatter, which the U.S. recognized was a source of deep anxiety among Netanyahu and his inner circle. There was the killings of two Palestinian teens in Beitunia on May 15, captured on closed circuit TV and by a CNN cameraman, which Human Rights Watch had called a war crime–more political pressure. Netanyahu wanted to reframe the discussion.

So the three Israeli teens were kidnapped. A recorded call indicated, with gunshots heard on the recorded call to the police by the teens, that they had been killed right away. The Israeli government and police knew who the two suspects were, two characters with affiliation to a rogue Hamas cell, indicating that Hamas had no knowledge of the kidnapping and that it contravened their political goals and the goals of the unity agreement. Netanyahu seized the opportunity to milk this kidnapping for all the propaganda value it was worth, lying even to the parents of the teenagers, telling them that their teens are alive and that those gunshots they heard in the phone call were blanks.

The military and the Shin Bet intelligence service imposed a gag order preventing the Israeli media from reporting on any details of the investigation into the killings, convincing the Israeli public that the teams were alive. And as Israeli troops rampaged through the West Bank, raiding over 15,000 Palestinian homes, arresting over 560 Palestinians without charges, killing six Palestinians, Israelis believed that they were on a rescue mission, while Netanyahu and his diplomatic corps deployed a propaganda campaign to bring back our boys even while they knew that those boys were dead. They set the Israeli public up for this orgy of revenge.

When the bodies were found, Israelis reacted, Jewish Israelis reacted with extreme shock. Mobs poured out into Jerusalem with young men chanting “death to Arabs”. A group of young men apparently met at one of these spontaneous racist rallies in Jerusalem and went out on a hunt in occupied East Jerusalem for young Palestinian boys to abduct. They found one, 17-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir, burned him alive, forcing him to drink gasoline, dumping his body in the woods. And the situation deteriorated from there.

Netanyahu had blamed all of Hamas, calling them “human animals” in an official statement, and declaring, “Vengeance for the blood of a small child Satan has not yet created.” Netanyahu inspired and incited this orgy of revenge. And the official campaign of revenge, apart from the vigilante campaign which claimed the life of Abu Khdeir, is now taking place in Gaza Strip, governed by Hamas.

And just another point. The three suspects in the killing of Mohammed Abu Khdeir have been released.”

“Israel bombed the Fun Time Beach Cafe in Gaza, where young people had gathered to watch the World Cup match, Argentina versus Netherlands, in order to escape some of the horror that was around them. And Israel bombed it, killing nine people and, according to the AFP report, scattering body parts all over the beach. And this comes as, you know, at least now 22 children have been killed.

And most of the civilian casualties, according to the UN–I quote from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs today: “The targeting and destruction of residential buildings in Gaza continues to be the main cause of civilian casualties.” And that’s so important, because all of the Israeli propaganda which is being parroted in the mainstream media is that Israel does its best to avoid civilian casualties, when in fact, by yesterday, Israel had targeted over 150 private homes. And this is collective punishment. It’s a war crime.

They’re targeting the family homes of people that Israel says may be involved in military resistance, and they’re killing their families and their children in the process. It’s pretty shocking that this is happening at the same time that the Israeli ambassador went before the UN Security Council today and told that body that the Palestinians celebrate death. Nobody is celebrating the deaths of all of these innocent people except for the Israeli government ministers that are ordering these crimes and the mobs in the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv chanting “death to the Arabs”.”

The mother of four-year-old Palestinian girl Yasmeen al-Motawaq, killed by Israel, at her funeral 10 July. (Photograph: Reuters/Mohammed Salem)

5 thoughts on “child with half his head blown away… thank you US tax dollars and Western/Gulf complicity

  1. Reblogged this on Life among the Ashes and commented:
    I hope that those whom are lost to what Israel really is today see what they are for what they really are through this picture, my stomach did an upchuck with this little child 😦

  2. All I can say is…Jesus Fuck.,

    If you believe the popular narrative of World War II history, you start to understand why the German people became so angry and so irrational.

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