Victims, painting by Ahmed Muhanna

I sit in my calm, safe Canadian home, listening to birds twitter, people mow their lawns, construction, small planes that sound eerily like the deadly drones haunting Gaza. I am safe. My despicable political *representatives* champion the Zionist regime, say it is defending itself as it murders Palestinians in Gaza, mows down teens attempting normality and evidencing the brave “samoud” (steadfastness) that Palestinians have branded through their endurance of Zionists’ war crimes and oppression…the teens were playing football on the small stretch of sand between the elite Deira hotel which mainly hosts foreign journos and aid workers with the money to spare most Palestinians cannot [since they are living on the most basic and highly insufficient food aid, which still doesn’t suffice…which they don’t want but have been subjected to through all sorts of nefarious, sadistic Zionist policies… Such as: shooting and shelling on farmers and anyone within 2 km of the border; shooting, shelling and abducting fishers even a mile or less off the coast (gotta keep em away from those gas reserves in Palestinian waters, gotta deprive them of any sort of livelihood)].

Ahmed, a friend, a son, a husband, a father, a brother, a PALESTINIAN, in Gaza under the bombs of the nuclear armed Zionist regime, bent on targeting children and innocents… produces art.

Don’t believe the media lies on inherent Palestinian hatred of pretty much everyone else. It’s the opposite. They are loving, playful, highly educated, and while I don’t want to imply they are weak–because they are not, but they do lack the billion$$ the Zionist regime receives annually, and lack the UNCONDITIONAL-NO-MATTER-WHAT-THE-FUCK-YOU-DO-AND-HOW-YOU-MURDER political and financial support the Zios receive.

The vast majority of Palestinians simply want to get on with life, a small minority has taken up arms–as they have the right to do, under international law and norms (note how legitimate resistance are put on terror lists while the terrorists–many foreigner–plaguing Syria, decapitating, de-handing, flogging, and dictating this and that new “Islamic” (far from it) law are supported and applauded by the West).


In the UK, a frank debate with numerous MPs coming forth and calling out the Zionist regime for its murders.


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