once again, the criminal Zionists have bombed a school housing internally displaced, killing at least 15

“ITV News has witnessed the aftermath of an attack on a UN school in Gaza, which has left at least 15 people dead and dozens more injured.

The Beit Hanoun elementary school, which was being used as a shelter, had around 800 people – mostly women and children – inside when the attack took place at 2.30pm today.

UN spokesman Adnan Abu Hassna told ITV News that the Israeli military attacked the school, despite having received the exact co-ordinates of the facility.

Dan Rivers reported seeing dozens of children lying in “pools of blood” in a local hospital.

I just can’t get over what I have just witnessed at the Kamal Odwan hospital in #Gaza so many injured children http://t.co/HJCcVRix0z


Dan Rivers

I will never forget the utter shock on these kids faces – they thought they were safe in a UN school #Gaza http://t.co/0YRHVc6pxz


A six-month-old baby boy had to be treated for shrapnel wounds after the attack.”

ITV News/Sean Swan
A baby is treated by medical staff. Credit: ITV News/Sean Swan
ITV News
Children are seen in distress as they are treated in a local hospital. Credit: ITV News
ITV News/Jonathan Wald
Five-year-old Yacov Shimbari lies in shock. Credit: ITV News/Jonathan Wald
ITV News/Jonathan Wald
Casualties are lying all over the hospital. Credit: ITV News/Jonathan Wald

What is happening in Gaza right now is so ridiculous, I can’t believe that no one has been able to stop this mass killing of people in Gaza. Last night I called my family and found out that my parents, sister and her family decided to take the risk and go back to their homes in our hometown Beit Hanoun. My whole family have been staying with 15 other families in a small house in Jabalia. After 5 days of staying in such a crowded place, it became more difficult to handle the situation and survive. I called my mother and sister and they both said the same thing to me, they wanted to go live or die in their homes. My young siblings decided to stay with my brother and his family in Jabalia, while my other sister and her family were staying in her husbend’s uncle house is Gaza city.
I’m trying to be there for my family, so I called my younger brother Mahmoud to check on, and he was on his way out of my parents house. My parents got mad at him for going back and forced him to leave because they didn’t want anyone to be in the house but them. 15 minutes later he texted me and said he was able to make it safe to another town. I was able to breath, it was 5 am and I was still anxiously hoping that the Israeli army doesn’t lose it’s mind again and start killing all the families who have decided to go back to their homes. The Israeli army announced Beit Hanoun to be a closed military area last week, which meant that everyone was forced to evacuate after a phone call or a drone missile. After talking with Mahmoud, I called my other sister Bayader who is one year older than me and found out that their apartment on the third floor was targeted by 2 drone missiles after her family decided to ignore the phone call and stay. Luckily my sister and her husbend Sharif were staying with his entire family on the first floor when the bombing happened. That was enough of a threat to force them to leave the building, so they ran out of the house and called an ambulance to come take them to relatives house next to my parents house. They stayed there for a day until my uncle’s house got targeted by drone missiles again, which made everyone in the neighborhood leave town.

It was 6:00 am this morning, and I was finally able to fall a sleep until my brother called me again at 9:00 am to tell me that the Israeli army hit a school in our hometown with missiles that left 15 killed and lots of injuries. He also had me talk to my second cousin Hisham whose mother was killed this morning while she was on the roof of her house. He told me that my parents and sister have decided to leave their homes again after a school that was guaranteed to be safe by the UNRWA and Red Cross got hit and 15 children got killed. This was supposed to be a peaceful month for us.


 Al Akhbar:

“The assault on Gaza has killed at least 797 Palestinians and wounded more than 5,130, according to Gaza health ministry sources, as Israeli forces targeted a school where civilians were taking refuge.

A school operated by the UN’s Palestinian aid agency in Beit Hanoun was bombed on Thursday afternoon, an UNRWA spokesman said. The Gaza health ministry reported that hundreds of wounded and an estimated 15 deceased were arriving in nearby hospitals.

Spokesman Chris Gunness said one of UNRWA’s Gaza schools was hit on Wednesday by Israeli forces, injuring five people.

This was the third Israeli attack against UNRWA schools in four days, according to Gunness

Palestinian officials say at least 475 houses have been destroyed by Israeli fire and 2,644 damaged. Some 46 schools, 56 mosques and seven hospitals have also suffered varying degrees of damage.

Most of the victims were killed in and around Khuzaa, a flashpoint area east of Khan Younis which has been the site of intensive fighting since Tuesday, and in the village of Abassan. Israeli shelling left dead and wounded under rubble, while medical crews could not risk attending.

…The United Nations said on Wednesday that three quarters of those killed were civilians and one third of those were children — the equivalent of one child killed each hour over the previous two days.

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