**Syrian Army resisting foreign-supported terrorism in Syria

A people under occupation have the right…many would say DUTY… to resist. This is enshrined under international norms, including most notably  the UN General Assembly on the right to Resist foreign domination).

And thank Palestine’s allies, regional and abroad: Syria, Hezbollah, Iran, Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba…notably absent are the corrupt Gulf states and most of the Western world…:

                                                    3 December 1982
              Importance of the universal realization of the right of peoples
              to self-determination and of the speedy granting of
              independence to colonial countries and peoples for the
              effective guarantee and observance of human rights
The General Assembly,

...Considering that the denial of the inalienable rights of the Palestinian
people to self-determination, sovereignty, independence and return to
Palestine and the repeated acts of aggression by Israel against the peoples of
the region constitute a serious threat to international peace and security,
     Deeply shocked and alarmed at the deplorable consequences of the Israeli
invasion of Beirut on 3 August 1982, and recalling all the resolutions of the
Security Council, in particular resolutions 520 (1982) of 17 September 1982
and 521 (1982) of 19 September 1982,

...Reaffirming the obligation of all Member States to comply with the
principles of the Charter of the United Nations and the resolutions of the
United Nations regarding the exercise of the right to self-determination by
peoples under colonial and foreign domination,

1.   Calls upon all States to implement fully and faithfully the
resolutions of the United Nations regarding the exercise of the right to
self-determination and independence by peoples under colonial and foreign
2.   Reaffirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for
independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from
colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means,
including armed struggle;

21.  Strongly condemns the expansionist activities of Israel in the
Middle East and the continual bombing of Palestinian civilians, which
constitute a serious obstacle to the realization of the self-determination and
independence of the Palestinian people;
22.  Strongly condemns the Israeli aggression against Lebanon in
June 1982, which endangers stability, peace and security in the region, and
reiterates its support for the efforts undertaken to implement the resolutions
of the Security Council, in particular those demanding the immediate and
unconditional withdrawal of Israeli forces from Lebanese territory to
internationally recognized boundaries and respect for the sovereignty and
territorial integrity of Lebanon;

27.  Reiterates its appreciation for the material and other forms of
assistance that peoples under colonial rule continue to receive from
Governments, United Nations agencies and intergovernmental organizations, and
calls for a substantial increase in this assistance;
28.  Urges all States, specialized agencies and competent organizations
of the United Nations system to do their utmost to ensure the full
implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial
Countries and Peoples and to intensify their efforts to support peoples under
colonial, foreign and racist domination in their just struggle for
self-determination and independence;


“Yes the resistance rockets are terrifying. Well that’s fine, give us your F-16s, give us your tanks, so-called ‘Israel’, and you can have the rockets, you can have the AK-47s. What we have is a largely defenseless population who has been usurped historically, who have been boxed into a ghetto of nearly 2 million people, in a tiny strip of land… and these people haven’t got the right to resist? Absolutely Palestinians have the right to resist, and they should have more rockets, they should have better rockets, and they should have a Resistance that can match conventionally one of the biggest genocidal entities on the plant, which is the white, colonial state of ‘Israel’.

Hamas is not the entire Resistance, the entire Resistance is very pluralistic, it includes over half a dozen organizations, and they are all united. When the occupation forces do actually invade on the ground—these cowards who prefer to bomb from thousands of feet up in the sky, like their NATO friends—once they’re actually on the ground they can be met man-to-man by our resistance, and they suffer dozens of soldiers injured and killed.

Hassan Nasrallah… said that Hizbollah are ready to go and fight in Gaza.That exposes Turkey and Qatar, who would put missiles on the border of Syria, ask NATO to bomb Libya and Syria and other countries, and attack Lebanese Hizbollah. Why aren’t they doing anything similar for the people of Gaza? This exposes their utter, rank hypocrisy and their agenda.

The people of Palestine have a right to resist, the people of Palestine have the right to unite with the people and the states of the region who are defending the entire region, allied with the BRICS and the Global South.”

Sukant Chandan


Hezbollah chief offers support to Hamas:

“Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has offered his support to the Palestinian movement Hamas, Hezbollah-owned Al Manar television reported Monday.

The Hezbollah secretary general told Hamas’ exiled chief Khaled Meshal by telephone: “Hezbollah and the Lebanese resistance stand firmly on the side of the Intifada and the Palestinian people’s resistance, and support Hamas’ strategy and the just conditions it has set to end the conflict.”

Hamas is demanding Israel end its siege of Gaza and has called for the release of scores of prisoners from Israeli jails before it considers peace talks proposed by Egypt.

Nasrallah, meanwhile, expressed his “complete confidence in the resistance’s capacity to defend itself and to achieve a new victory in July,” a reference to Israel’s defeat by Hezbollah in its July 2006 assault on Lebanon.

In a separate phone call to Ramadan Abdallah Challah, secretary general of the Gaza’s second-biggest armed group, the Islamic Jihad, Nasrallah said: “The Lebanese resistance is willing to cooperate completely, in order to realize the goals of the Palestinian resistance, and to ensure the failure of the (Israeli) aggression.””


No ceasefire without justice for Gaza:

“As academics, public figures and activists witnessing the intended genocide of 1.8 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, we call for a ceasefire with Israel only if conditioned on an end to the blockade and the restoration of basic freedoms that have been denied to the people for more than seven years.

… We have been pushed beyond the limits of what a normal person can be expected to endure.

Charges in the media and by politicians of various stripes that accuse Hamas of ordering Gaza residents to resist evacuation orders, and thus use them as human shields, are untrue. With temporary shelters full and the indiscriminate Israeli shelling, there is literally no place that is safe in Gaza.

Likewise, Hamas represented the sentiment of the vast majority of residents when it rejected the unilateral ceasefire proposed by Egypt and Israel without consulting anyone in Gaza. We share the broadly held public sentiment that it is unacceptable to merely return to the status quo – in which Israel strictly limits travel in and out of the Gaza Strip, controls the supplies that come in (including a ban on most construction materials), and prohibits virtually all exports, thus crippling the economy and triggering one of the highest poverty and unemployment rates in the Arab world.

To do so would mean a return to a living death.

…we call for a ceasefire only when negotiated conditions result in the following:

  • Freedom of movement of Palestinians in and out of the Gaza Strip.
  • Unlimited import and export of supplies and goods, including by land, sea and air.
  • Unrestricted use of the Gaza seaport.
  • Monitoring and enforcement of these agreements by a body appointed by the United Nations, with appropriate security measures.

Each of these expectations is taken for granted by most countries, and it is time for the Palestinians of Gaza to be accorded the human rights they deserve.”


Western standards of Palestinian resistance:

“Yet again another Israeli assault on an Arab country exposes the biases and racism of Western governments, media, and human rights organizations. Human rights organizations, particularly Human Rights Watch, have become the most culpable because they now serve as a media/propaganda arm of the Israeli terrorist army. We know how those things work, as soon as a Western NGO with a Middle East scope is formed, pro-Israeli groups (openly and not conspiratorially) rush in with their funds to control the agenda of the organization. Internal memos that I had revealed on my blog before show that the director of Human Rights Watch was mightily concerned about not offending pro-Israel sources of funding. Thus, think tanks, media groups, and human rights organization fall under the spell of pro-Israeli agendas and money.

…Theodore Herzl never imagined the power of social media, and the hashtag #GazaUnderAttack was used in “nearly four million Twitter posts, compared with 170,000 for #IsraelUnderFire.”

The agenda of Western governments and media become very clear: they want nothing short of complete surrender by the Palestinian people. They all but said that categorically. The Western agenda (governmental, media, and NGO) is unabashed in its hostility toward the interests and aspirations of the Palestinian people. In Europe there is a dichotomy: public opinion is in opposition – by different percentages and to different degrees – to the stances of the government. In the US, the government and the public are united in their racist endorsement of Israel and its record of war crimes – it sure helps that the American public is the least informed on foreign policy among peoples of the world.

Basically the Palestinians are expected, nay required, to refrain from any kind of resistance to Israeli occupation. The American government and its subservient governments in Europe (and they all stand in line regardless of whether they are conservative or socialist – like in France) want the Palestinians to appreciate their good fortune that their occupier is Israel. Israel is not like other occupiers, by US standards. Yes, it commits war crimes and it bombs various cities around the region at will, and it is based on institutionalized racism and discriminatory policies, and it is founded on the very principle of ethnic cleansing and land theft, but it is a good ally to the US and its leaders remind Americans of their own people (especially when you take into account that Israel keeps its Jews from Arab and African countries largely invisible from US media).

…the Palestinians are asked by Human Rights Watch to achieve the impossible: to adhere to standards of combat that no armies and no liberation movements have ever adhered to. Human Rights Watch quickly accused Hamas of war crimes while it has been equivocating for years on whether Israel commits war crimes.

Palestinians, of course, should not pay attention to what their chief enemy, the US government, has to say in terms of its instructions to them….”


Rockets from Gaza are morally justified and are not contrary to international law:

“Who are we — as outside observers not sitting in Gaza — to dictate to the victims of the brutal, systematic, long-term, and on-going suppression perpetrated by Israel against Palestinians how best to defend themselves?

Who are we to dictate which tactic might best increase survival?

Who are we to judge that Israeli civilians have such a high degree of innocence regarding the actions of their army as to prevent Gaza from attempting to defend itself with homemade rockets pointed in desperation at the only available targets?

Instead of opposition to the Israeli state’s war crimes, social statistics show overwhelming support for the organized murder and genocidal suppression of Palestinians.

  • Only 5% of Israeli academics have expressed opposition to the land invasion, in a recent petition. Where academics have total freedom of inquiry and of expression.
  • Israelis shamelessly gather to cheer-on the show of bombs dropped on Gaza, and threaten journalists with bodily harm who might report negatively about this particular display of cruelty.
  • The Israeli media is overwhelmingly brutal and racist in its expression against Palestinians. Politicians make political points the more violent and waring they are — there’s an indicator.
  • The state is an apartheid state in both law and fact, yet there is virtually no opposition from Israeli civil society against the apartheid.
  • And so on.

There is no doubt that the Hamas rockets constitute self-defence. The statement that the rockets are “indiscriminate” is no more than a statement that the rockets are not high-tech weapons, and this fact on-its-own is irrelevant to whether or not the rockets constitute self-defence.

There is no doubt that the rockets constitute self-defence because the rockets are a response to a brutal occupation, deprivation, and slaughter. No sane analyst can claim that Israel’s long-term policy and actions of genocidal cleansing and land and resource annexation by force is caused by rockets or by suicide bombs or anything that the resisting Palestinians have or may do.

In my estimation, the use that Gaza makes of rockets is amply morally justified. And it is up to Gaza to decide how best to defend itself for its own survival.

Israel is showing little sign that it cares about World criticism of its actions in Gaza. It does not appear that anything except some moderately effective military resistance could slow Israel down in subjugating and torturing Gaza. For this reason, for the sake of Gaza, we can only hope that it will secure more and better weapons for its defence in the future, as this would probably minimize the loss of life and accelerate a just political resolution….


4 min in Gaza .. 4 Minute in Gaza .. 4 دقائق في غزة


Amazingly, a woman survived the destruction of her home, pulled out from the rubble. Resistance.


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  1. […] Since so many amazing speakers, female and male, young, older, Arab and non-Arab, had already spoken of the criminal massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the rest of Palestine, I used my 7 minutes to offer a personal perspective of Gaza under the Zionist bombs, and to highlight both the corporate media/Western narrative’s use of the word “indiscriminate” when speaking of Resistance’s rockets, and the legitimacy of the Right to Resist. [see: Resist] […]

  2. […] Since so many amazing speakers, female and male, young, older, Arab and non-Arab, had already spoken of the criminal massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and the rest of Palestine, I used my 7 minutes to offer a personal perspective of Gaza under the Zionist bombs, and to highlight both the corporate media/Western narrative’s use of the word “indiscriminate” when speaking of Resistance’s rockets, and the legitimacy of the Right to Resist. [see: Resist] […]

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