SAA gains in Syria (MSM missed it :) )

Sana: People of Ein al-Arab continue to defend their city against ISIS terrorists:

“The people of Ein al-Arab city northeast of Aleppo continue to repel the terrorist of ISIS, with local sources saying that locals managed to carry out special operations including infiltration ops in the east of the city to eliminate ISIS members and return to their bases.
The sources said that the city’s northwestern front is the most volatile currently, affirming that ISIS terrorist haven’t managed to advance towards the center of the town and are still positioned east of it.
Media sources said that locals managed to repel a massive ISIS attack which the terrorists had waged from the city’s southern side at midnight in a bid to reach the city center, saying that the attack and the ensuing clashes lasted around an hour and a half.
The sources said that violent battles took place between ISIS terrorists and locals at the Murshed Binar border crossing with Turkey, amidst talks about air strikes by the international alliance halting the advance of ISIS in several areas.”


Tiger Forces Sweeping Through West Hama:

“Jabhat Al-Nusra and members of the Islamic Front were forced to retreat further north in the key village of Al-Lataminah, after the Syrian Arab Army’s Special Operations Unit known as the “Tiger Forces” carried out multiple raids on their positions. According to a military source, the Tiger Forces destroyed a large militant den, while confiscating a large cache of weapons and ammunition. The Tiger Forces reportedly killed 22 militants, including the Islamic Front field commander, Mohammad Haroush.

North of Al-Lataminah, the Syrian Arab Army’s 106th Brigade of the Republican Guard is carrying out operations in the imperative villages of Morek and Kafr Zita. Yesterday, the 106th targeted a militant gathering in west Morek, killing 16 Islamic Front fighters. While in Kafr Zita, the Republican Guard seized an Islamic Front weapons depot in the southwest corner of the besieged village.

The 87th Mechanized Brigade of the 11th Armored Division in the Syrian Arab Army 2nd Army Corps conducted multiple attacks on Jabhat Al-Nusra and Islamic Front positions in west Hama. In particular, the 87th Brigade has targeted the Islamic Front in the village of ‘Itameen, where entrenched IF fighters control multiple farms they use as a military base.

Meanwhile, life in Mhardeh and Halfaya are quickly returning back to normal for the citizens. Thousands of displaced civilians from Halfaya returned home after the liberation by the National Defense Forces (NDF) last month. Syrian engineers have worked vigorously to reestablish electrical lines in the village to end the power outage….”


Syrian Army Ambushes Terrorists on Qalamoun Barrens, Advances in Latakia:

“The Syrian army ambushed the members of a militant group on the barrens of Flita in Qalamoun in Damascus and countryside, killing and injuring scores of terrorists.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army regained control over the town of Salma in Latakia countryside after it had controlled the villages of Rwaiset al-Jaaora and Ain al-Jawzah in the area, inflicting heavy losses upon the militant groups….”

No to War on Iraq and Syria Awareness Stand [DEMONSTRATION]:

Here’s why we say no to the war in Iraq and Syria.

It will make things worse
– Every bombing campaign kills civilians and every civilian killed means more recruits for ISIS.
– The actions of the US and its allies are legitimizing ISIS as an anti-imperial force to people in the region.
– Already, the airstrikes have led opponents such as the Jabhat al-Nusra to join in common cause with ISIS. Bombing is making these groups stronger.

ISIS is a product of US-led war in the region. Western powers have flooded Syria with weapons which have now and will continue to fall into the hands of ISIS

It won’t work

-ISIS can simply melt into the heavily populated cities and hide.
-ISIS receives support from people in Saudi Arabia, a key western ally that beheads roughly 80 people a year. The response from the west to Saudi support for ISIS is to arm them. Canada sold them $10 billion in weaponry last year. Unless that source of money and weapons ends, ISIS will continue. This is a continuation of George Bush’s war, a war based on lies.

Join us to raise awareness and spread the word for the upcoming peace rally at the US consulate on the 25th October at 2:30pm.

Hosted by Canadian Peace Alliance and Stop the War Coalition


The Australian: Iran bolsters Syria’s Bashar al-Assad with drones shipment:

“IRAN is stepping up its arms shipments and training for Shia militias in Syria, bolstering the regime of President Bashar al-Assad as the proxy war consuming the country deepens despite the fight against Islamic State.

Tehran is determined to counter the threat to Damascus from Syrian rebel forces, who are receiving weapons and training from the US and its Arab allies.

The US congress has approved $US500 million ($574m) in aid, weapons and training for Syrian rebel groups. Saudi Arabia and Jordan are to open their military bases to train 10,000 troops, who will be filtered back into the conflict to strengthen the Free Syrian Army.

Worried about the impact this will have on its client state, Iran will airlift missiles and mortar bombs to its proxy militias fighting the FSA and Islamic State on separate fronts, as well as drones to monitor enemy movement.

The move was agreed at a meeting in Damascus last week between Assad and Qassem Suleimani, Iran’s spy chief, Iranian sources said. Iran and Syria are convinced coalition airstrikes against Islamic State will be followed by an attempt to oust Assad.

Some 2000 troops from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard have been deployed in Syria, along with a host of commanders and support staff who oversee bands of Shia fighters from Lebanon, Pakistan and Afghanistan. “Iran has agreed increased support in terms of training and hardware but is reluctant to commit extra boots on the ground,” an Iranian government adviser said. He said that Iran was “very wary” of the fight against ­Islamic State “turning into an ­intervention against the (Assad) regime”.

While Iranian interests in Syria diverge sharply with those of the US and Arab allies, Iran has been pivotal in the fight against Islamic State in Iraq. Mr Suleimani has co-ordinated Shia militias in a defence of Baghdad, and tacit co-operation between Iranian forces and US air support helped to liberate the town of Amerli.”


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