“The war on Syria and the war on Gaza are inextricably linked. Solidarity with Syria, solidarity with Gaza are two sides of the same coin. Because the people of Palestine, the people of Syria, the people of Iraq are fighting the same enemy, they are victims of a wide-ranging regional war which is being fought by western imperialism, by “israel”, and by its allies in the region….The purpose is to completely wipe out all Resistance to imperialism and to zionism in the region, in the Middle East.” ~ Carlos Martinez

“We are anti-zionists. We are against the zionist monstrosity known as ‘israel’. We believe it should not exist. We’re not into this ‘you have a bit here, you have a bit there.’ Nothing in Palestine belongs to the zionists…and if we give them one bit, they’ll come for more.” ~ Brother Omowale

“The question of Palestine is really central to the struggle of oppressed people over the world.” ~ Sami Ramadani

“We are unapologetic about being pro-Resistance, because it’s only through the Resistance and the Revolutionary Struggles of OUR people which win their own liberation.”~ Sukant Chandan

“Syria hasn’t fallen. After three and a half years, the Syrian people stay strong. They are fighting, the army is fighting, the government is fighting. They refuse to be defeated.” Carlos Martinez


This remarkable event took place on Sep 28, videos now up at the FB event page and also a the Youtube site, Tri Continental:

Sukant Chandan – Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution:

Sukant Chandan introduces the Gaza and Palestinian Revolution event in London on September 28th and gives an overview of the Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform (TAIP).


Carlos Martinez – Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution:


Brother Omowale – Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution:

“Brother Omowale speaks at the event Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution hosted by the Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform in London on September 28th.”


George Shire – Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution:

“George Shire, veteran of the Zimbabwean liberation movement, speaks about his experiences as a revolutionary in a front-line struggle and connects the dots between Harare and Gaza.”


Sami Ramadani – Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution:


Dr. Abdal Aziz – Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution:

“Dr. Abdal Aziz from Libya speaking at the “Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution” event in London on September 28th and making the links between the Palestinian liberation movement and the struggle to re-claim Libya from the current neo-colonial government.”


Malia Bouattia – Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution:

“Malia Bouattia of NUS Black Students speaks at the Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform event “Gaza and the Palestinian Revolution” on September 28 in London.”


Hafsa Kara on Chavez and Africa:

“On Mon, July 28 at 7pm the Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform held its third public event, the only commemorative event for Hugo Chavez on what would have been his 60th birthday.”

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