articles to follow

Been working on articles and reflections from/on Syria that I should have finished ages ago. That said, they should be done in the coming week or two, including:

-reflections on visiting liberated Ma’aloula

-the massacres that just don’t matter somehow (Only Atrocious When Useful)

-voices from Yarmouk (remember Yarmouk??? the insurgent-infested neighbourhood that “leftist” Palestine supporters lambasted the long-Palestine-supporting Syrian government for, based on the usual corporate media spin –which, like the false allegations of CW use and other “red lines” eventually fell into the dumb silence the lies deserve.  Unsurprisingly, Yarmouk is now absent from the corporate media. Local media does report on Yarmouk, and the combined efforts of the Syrian government, Palestinian reps in Yarmouk and aid agencies to deliver aid to the Syrians and Palestinians remaining in the area). Testimonies from Palestinian and Syrian refugees from Yarmouk (who are quite clear about the origins of their problems–note, I didn’t put “terrorist” in their mouths), as well as meeting with Palestinian security at Yarmouk .


Some photos re the coming articles/reflections


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