this is how the olive harvest should be in Palestine

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Walking in rural Lebanon the other day I came across numerous families harvesting their olives in the same fashion you see in Palestine: tarp spread out, tree limbs shaken olives tumbling down, break for lunch in the shade of the olive tree, laughter, some singing….

But in Palestine, foreign colonists attack Palestinian harvesters…with the cover of the Zio army.

A simple, age-old act is rendered impossible or deadly.

for example:

As harvest season begins, Israeli settlers burn 100 Palestinian olive trees

Palestinian family attacked by settlers while harvesting olives

Israeli settlers beat young Palestinian woman picking olives


One thought on “this is how the olive harvest should be in Palestine

  1. Dear Eva,

    I think of you each day and hope that something nice happens to you. I like the pictures of how the harvest should be in Palestine. It must have been a wonderful time before all the troubles arrived in Palestine. The pictures you sent almost look like a family picnic.

    Today I had a nice surprise. Michal Cox called and said he was coming over to take me to lunch. It was a nice time. We had a leisurely lunch of two hours and talked about many things past and present. He and his wife live on a farm and are enjoying all the freedom that a farm can render.

    Soon I will have a new or almost new refrigerator in the kitchen plus a new freezer – thanks to Johannes searching and finding these items. I think the freezer is in the refrigerator so I can use the old freezer for storing things or just as a place to fold clothes etc.

    Are you doing a lot of writing these days? Where are you staying now – on your own or with families?

    It seems so long since you have been here and I know that is not true as I looked at a container with your writing on it that said October 5. Maybe that was the date of expiration set by you – i.e. you know how I trust old food as “just fine”. It is beginning to be cold these days although I think tomorrow is to be warm, i.e. up to 60 degrees for some reason. What I like to see each day is your writing on a jar or container of when it was done or should be eaten. It makes me feel as though you are here.

    I think Johannes may be married soon. I asked him about it and he still has some sorting out of ideas before he can say for sure.

    I miss you every day in some way or just thinking about you and hoping that it is a good day for you and that you are with friends that make the day all the better. I love you dear Eva.

    Mom Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2014 15:35:54 +0000 To:

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