VERY worthwhile fundraising campaign, plz share widely and donate if you are able!

Navid Nasr is an independent analyst whose interviews have critically examined some of the critical issues of our day, including particularly issues misportrayed in the corporate media. Please take a look at his message regarding his fundraising campaign:

“Just wanted to thank those of you who’ve already donated to the project. It means a great deal to me, personally. We’re still short of our goal so if anyone send a second contribution of whatever amount that would be great. And if some of you all were waiting for your own situation to improve or clarify slightly before you donated anything, I’m hoping that that’s the case now.

I’m sure most of you already know that me and Brenda have moved to Zagreb, Croatia. A large part of the thinking behind this move was our effort to downsize and downgrade our daily and monthly living expenses ahead of the launching of the site. Our options in the US were severly limited in this regard. This move cut our monthly living expenses by two-thirds, if not more. Rent, utilities, cable & internet in northern Virginia were running us $1900 a month. Here it all adds up to $800 a month, flat. Plus no car expenses (gas, repairs, maintenance, etc.) and the tram system that runs through the entire city is completely free to ride.

In three or six months we might actually be moving to Sarajevo, Bosnia where the cost of living is a fraction of even what it is here.

Bottom line the site itself was a huge factor in our decision to move and downsize everything and nothing you give will be wasted or go towards any extravagance on our part.

Thank you all for everything.”

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