challenge Canada’s nefarious role in war on Syria, Iraq

Words of Ken Stone, a friend who has long been active in anti-war movement in Canada, and who is a member of the Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War. Ken Stone lectures on R2P (see attached business card at bottom):

“…both the Taliban and ISIS are creations of the USA. The Taliban was organized, funded, trained, and armed by the USA in order to drive the forces of the former Soviet Union out of Afghanistan in the 1980’s. Bin Laden’s Al Qaeda was created for the same purpose and later helped the USA to overthrow the government of the former Yugoslavia and to foment trouble for Russia in Chechnya. ISIS is the direct result of the Anglo-American invasion and occupation of Iraq. Saddam Hussein had never allowed Al-Qaeda to exist in Iraq. But the US & UK invasion destroyed the state of Iraq and opened a Pandora’s box for Al Qaeda to emerge. ISIS grew out of the covert aggression against Syria, sponsored by the so-called “Friends of Syria” Group of countries which includes the USA, Canada, Britain, France, Turkey, the Arab monarchies, and others. In the illegal aggression against Syria since 2011, Obama, Harper, Cameron, et al have openly funded terrorist mercenaries who have laid waste to much of that country and its infrastructure, beheaded thousands, sold girls into slavery, destroyed churches and monasteries, executed prisoners of war, killed journalists, caused the deaths of over 200,000 people, turned millions into internal and external refugees, and produced youtube videos proudly displaying their crimes against humanity. Where was the indignation of the politicians and the mainstream media for last four years over the war crimes in Syria?

The USA and its allies have a history of using terrorists for their foreign policy ends. For example, they supported Al Qaeda militants in Libya against the government of Muammar Gadaffi. Indeed, in NATO’s regime change operation there, NATO (including Canada) provided air and naval support for the Al Qaeda mercenaries who overthrew and assassinated Gadaffi and have turned Libya (which had the highest standard of living in all of Africa) into a living hell, a failed state. Much of the arms from Libya’s national arsenal fell into Al Qaeda hands and have been trans-shipped to Syria, Mali, Niger, Chad, Nigeria, and other African countries where terrorists daily commit crimes against humanity.

Why do the USA and its allies use terrorists as their foot soldiers? There are several reasons: terrorist mercenaries come cheap, are expendable, and get no death benefits from the USA for their families; they replace US “boots on the grounds”; they faithfully serve US foreign policy goals to destabilize and pillage the mineral-rich countries of the Global South, balkanize these countries along ethnic and confessional lines (the better to control them), and to redraw the national boundaries set by the two world wars in the USA’s national interest. And, best of all, when the USA and other neo-colonial powers no longer have a use for them, the terrorists serve as a rationale for western military intervention, as in Afghanistan, or now in Iraq, or in Mali (for the French).

The USA runs its interventions by a basic script that was rehearsed in Panama and Yugoslavia. The only really new wrinkle is Canada’s big contribution: R2P, the “responsibility to protect” which was finally approved in practice in 2011 by the UN to allow NATO to create a “no-fly zone” over Libya and over-ride the 400-year-old foundation of international law, namely, the sovereignty of nation states.

The Hamilton Coalition To Stop The War has a petition, addressed to Canadian MP’s, which you could sign and share, calling on them to withdraw from the US-led coalition to bomb Iraq and Syria. It’s at:

Canadian CF-18 fighter-bombers are dropping bombs in Iraq WITHOUT UN APPROVAL and may soon start doing so in Syria. Syria is an ally of Russia, a member state in good standing of the United Nations, and a sovereign state. We all need to oppose this latest adventure of Harper in the Middle East, which could easily explode into a wider regional war, or even into another world war.

…at least one Canadian naval vessel has been sent to the Black Sea, CF-18’s dispatched to Poland, and some Canadian troops to Romania, all as part of the Harper government’s contribution to NATO’s Reassurance Program for Ukraine, where the USA staged a coup d’état in April of this year to bring a western-friendly junta (including six neo-nazi cabinet ministers) into power, in a territory which has been an integral part of Russia for centuries. Since the demise of the former Soviet Union, NATO has broken every promise to Russia and marched inexorably closer to Moscow. Here again is another powder keg for World War III.

Yes, 2014 was a very bad year for peace. But, if 2015 is going to be any better, we had better start talking about getting rid of Harper; keeping Canadian hands off Syria, Iraq, Ukraine; ending the huge military expenditures proposed by Harper for nine new military bases around the globe and F-35 fighter jets in favour of expenditures on social programs and infrastructure; and getting Canada out of NATO and into the Non-Aligned Movement.

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5 thoughts on “challenge Canada’s nefarious role in war on Syria, Iraq

  1. . . with the exception that the Taliban was a creation of the Pakistani ISI to protect the interests of that country by filling the void after the US lost interest having ousted the USSR – I’m with you all the way. Canada’s reputation has disappeared down the black cess-pool of neo-liberal cooperation with the FUKUS/NATO/Zionist/Saudi war and domination machine.

  2. I think you are mistaken, Ms. Bartlett. Chechnya and its people have been horribly mistreated since Stalin forcibly moved them to the east. Krushchev brought the people back to their land, but Russia’s subsequent leaders slaughtered them for wanting to choose their own leaders, just as Britain slaughtered us before the French came to our aid. Yugoslavia was fragmented largely by Serbia’s ethnic cleansing of Bosnia before our leaders awakened to the reality that the collapse of the Soviet Union was not the only news worth noticing. Tim Ray

  3. Eva Bartlett, Chechnya has suffered hideously from Russia, going back to Stalin and including Russia’s current regime. Krushchcev There is no excuse for Russia to smash Chechnya and slaughter its people, for wanting to be the self-governing nation that it has the right to be. I believe that Yugoslavia was already in fragments thanks to Serbia. We neglected the Serbian ethnic cleansing, and the fragmentation of Yugoslavia, which disintegrated as the result of both Serbia, which hated the Muslims and Croatia, which hated the Nazis. How do you reckon we can figure out how to live in peace?

  4. Ken’s reply: “Yes, the Taliban was a joint project of the USA and the Pakistani ISI.”

  5. Ken’s reply: “Regarding Yugoslavia: It was the only success story of the post-war settlement at Versailles. It created a secular, democratic, and federal republic similar to Canada, where previously-warring peoples of different faiths and ethnicities lived together in peace up to the Nazi invasion during WWII and then again until the 1990’s. Part of the treaty that created Yugoslavia was the proviso that the members countries who made it up could also dissolve it by common agreement. But that’s not what happened. Following the death of Tito and the demise of the Soviet Union, Germany and the USA saw their opportunity to destabilize, fragment, and pillage the Yugoslavian federation. One by one, they used their influence and their agents in each of the member states to break away from the Federation. The Germans and USA fomented old racist, ethnic, and religious rivalries to spread hatred among people who lived literally as neighbours and had intermarried over three generations. The communist leader, Milosevic, was villified and demonized in the western media and by Western leaders. He was termed “worse than Hitler” by Zionist organizations in the West (even though the Serbs and Jews were jointly the victims of the Nazi Holocaust during WWII in Yugoslavia and formed much of the core of the partisan fighters.) Madeleine Albright, then US Secretary of State, whose family was saved by Serbs in wartime Yugoslavia, nonetheless, during the 1990’s, supported neo-nazi Croatian leaders rather than anti-fascist Serbs. When NATO decided to take the province of Kosovo away from Serbia (due to its fabulous Trepka mines and because it would later serve as a terminus of an important oil pipeline to Europe), Serbia resisted. So, the US created a false flag operation at a town called Raczak, and then, without UN approval, NATO (including Canada) bombed Serbia for two and half months and destroyed important state infrastructure (but not privately-owned factories). As its foot soldiers, NATO used the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which was a collection of drug runners and dealers in the human slave trade (in women for prostitution). Finally, Milosevic’s government surrendered to NATO. NATO thugs on the ground in Belgrade prevailed upon Milosevic to call early elections which, of course, his party lost badly. Milosevic himself was promised immunity for surrendering but even that promise was broken. He was arrested and taken to the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia in the Hague where, as a lawyer, he brilliantly defended himself. However, he had a heart condition which worsened in jail. (His family claims he was poisoned.) He asked to be flown to Moscow for treatment but the request was denied by his Western jailers. He died shortly afterward.

    NATO allowed Albania to annex Kosovo against international law and the wishes of 120,000 Serbs who lived there. Now, Kosovo is home to the privatized Trepka Mines, Camp Bondsteel, the largest US military base in the world, and an oil terminal.

    Do the strategy and tactics seem familiar to you? Of course, they do. Yugoslavia became the model for later Western interventions in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Haiti, Libya, Syria, Somalia, the Ukraine… Anybody who blames the Serbians for the crimes committed in Yugoslavia has forgotten the Judgment at Nuremberg: He, who initiates a war of aggression against another country, is guilty of the supreme crime of international law, the crime against peace. All other war crimes follow from the initial crime. The USA, Germany and NATO (including Canada) are all guilty of the crime of illegally dismembering Yugoslavia.

    As for Chechnya, I know little about it except that it is a convenient spot for the USA and Saudi Arabia to cause or to threaten terrorist problems for Moscow whenever Russian leaders have the temerity to stand up to the West and say, “Nyet!””

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