(fr Sep 2014): Ambassador al-Ja’afari: israelis/qataris/jordanians…setting the stage for further terrorist infiltration into Syrian territory

“Jehbat al-Nusra terrorist fighters, which as you know, according to the Security Council resolutions, is an off-shoot of al-Qaeda, affiliate to al-Qaeda. These terrorist fighters of al-Nusra Front have succeeded—with the help of the Israeli side, and the Qatari intervention and assistance and involvement—succeeded in occupying almost all the Syrian side of the line of demarcation. Meaning that the terrorists have replaced the UNDOF forces deployed on the Syrian side of the line of demarcation. Almost all of the UNDOF forces deployed on the Syrian side have moved now to the Israeli side. And reduced their mandate given to them by the Security Council disengagement forces agreement of 1974 to only observing these alarming developments on the Syrian side.

Meaning that, they withdrew to the Israeli side and accepted to play the role of only watching what’s going on on the other side, which is supposedly the headquarters of UNDOR on the Syrian side and the UNDOF’s locations and positions along this line of demarcation. Unfortunately, the UNDOF forces evacuated suddenly its positions on the Syrian side of the line of demarcation, in violation of the mandate, and without prior consultations with the Syrian government. This act paved the opportunity for the terrorists to take over UNDOF forces’ positions, materials, equipments, and created by doing so a kind of ‘safe zone’ for the terrorists to operate against the Syrian army, departing from the UNDOF positions they occupied.

Every time the Syrian army used to intervene, to chase the terrorists out of the line of demarcation, we were called by the DPKO to hear that we are violating the disengagement forces agreement. But now as these terrorists have occupied the whole line of demarcation, the DPKO did not call on the Israeli side, did not call on the Qatari side, did not call on the Jordanian side, to ask them to stop intervening in letting these terrorist infiltrate the area. And these terrorists are all of them belonging to Jebhat al-Nusra, a terrorist entity—forgotten by those who are holding international conferences in Paris and elsewhere and Jeddah…to combat only ISIS. They forgot that resolution 2170 spoke about ISIS and Jebhat al-Nusra, not only about ISIS. This is a kind of hypocritical behaviour, unacceptable, very dangerous for the safety and security of the Syrian territory and the Syrian population and the Syrian army also.

I forwarded, on behalf of my government yesterday, two identical letters to the Secretary-General himself, as well as to the President of the Security Council, the US Ambassador, asking both of them to circulate this letter as an official document of the United Nations. The ultimate point that I would like to draw your kind attention to, is that such an occupation by Jebhat al-Nusra terrorist fighters—with the help and assistance by the Israeli and the Qatari intelligence—will lead automatically to create a kind of ‘safe zone’ in the Golan…

The Israelis are playing with fire, they are escalating the situation. There is a total unacceptable inaction by the DPKO. The Secretary-General is absent. The Security Council is not reacting, in spite of the kidnapping by the terrorist groups of the Fijian soldiers, and the threatening of the lives of the Filipinos operating within UNDOF forces in the occupied Syrian Golan.

It is not any more about double standard policies, its even worse than that, it’s a total inaction by all those who are responsible for the lives of UNDOF forces soldiers as well as for fulfilling the mandate of UNDOF, in accordance with the disengagement forces agreement of 1974.

Why I am focusing on this is because once these terrorists have established a ‘safe zone’ in the Golan, replacing the positions taken previously by UNDOF, this new fait accompli will give the Israelis the opportunity to infiltrate further into the Syrian territory, to help further the terrorists groups in order to create a new situation prevailing on the Syrian side, and starting a war of attrition against the Syrian army without the presence of any international eyewitnesses, because UNDOF will not be there any more. So there will nobody to, even theoretically speaking, brief the Security Council and the DPKO about what’s going on in the Golan.

This is a big plot involving the Israelis, involving the Qataris, involving the Jordanians, and all of these governments should be held responsible by the Security Council so that we prevent what would be worse.

…Indeed, as far as we know, the Chief Commander of UNDOF ordered the Filipinos to surrender and give up their weapons to the terrorist groups. The Filipinos called their headquarters in Manila. The Chief of the Filipino army ordered them differently, asking them not to surrender and not to give up their weapons. We were asked by both the Filipino contingent in the Golan and the Filipino government to cover the Filipino soldiers in the Golan surrounded by the terrorists, militarily speaking. Something that we did, we covered the Filipino soldiers many times, upon their own request. So that they succeeded in leaving their position and going to another position which was safer. The Fijians did not do that. The Fijians listened to the orders and instructions from the Chief Commander, and gave up their (positions and weapons).

…The Fijians surrendered not only their equipments and weapons, but they also surrendered their uniforms and cars. So the terrorists are using now United Nations cars, which hold the emblem of the United Nations forces in the Golan, they are using the uniforms of UNDOF, the weapons of UNDOF, the positions of UNDOF, to shell the Syrian army as well as on the Syrian villages, civilian populations.”

Sep 16, 2014, Nizar Abboud

“Bashar Al-Jaafari, Syria’s Perm. Rep. to the UN raises many questions about the UN’s recent pullout from the separation zone of the Golan. Israel is establishing a separation zone like Lebanon’s back in the 20 century.”

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