Dr al-Ja’afari: “saudi arabia and zionism are the roots of terrorism, extremism, and the culture of hate in this world.”

Dr. al-Ja’afari (translation by Reme Sakr):

“The Saudi representative spoke about my country in an embarassing and unacceptable manner. Therefore, I wish to respond to the political ignorance and incitement that was spoken by him against my country.

It seems as though he has forgotten that the article being discussed is the Arab-israeli conflict, and Palestine. And by changing the direction of the discussion, he has just served israel and her protectors, whether he knows it or not.

saudi arabia and zionism are the roots of terrorism, extremism, and the culture of hate in this world.

The culture of ISIS and their cutting of heads comes from the ignorance of wahabiism and takfiriism produced by the sauds.

The politics of saudi arabia has planted a culture of sectarian killings in the region, and it will pay the price for these political mistakes.

However, regarding his threats against my country, and his raving claims about saudi arabia’s readiness to help the Syrian people, this serves as a confirmation of the extent to which the rulers of his country have conspired against Syria, and the involvement of Saudi Arabia in army, funding, and training terrorist mercenaries from all over the world who were then sent to Syria to destabilise the country and its people.

Saudi arabia has always been and always will be a well for a culture of hatred and sectarianism, and so it perfectly matches the culture of zionist israel. And if the saudi representative was truly given the authority to threaten my country with what he said, then I shall challenge him here in front of you all: let saudi arabia try to do what it can against my country, so we can cut off the hand that dares to reach for Syria and punish saudi arabia with what it deserves.”


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