New York Times Complicit in Spreading False Syria Allegations

What's Left

By Stephen Gowans

The New York Times ran an article on May 12 suggesting that the Syrian government has held back some of its chemical weapons and is using them against rebel fighters. Significantly, the allegation was backed by no evidence, yet the newspaper chose to run the story anyway.

In their story (“Inspectors in Syria find traces of banned military chemicals”) reporters Somini Sengupta, Marlise Simons and Anne Barnard cited a conclusion drawn by an anonymous Western diplomat who was briefed on findings by inspectors from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. The inspectors had reportedly found traces of toxic nerve agents in Syria. The diplomat was quoted as saying that there’s a “strong suspicion” that the Syrians “are retaining stockpiles which are being held back.”

However, a close reading of the article showed that there was not one whit of evidence to back up…

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One thought on “New York Times Complicit in Spreading False Syria Allegations

  1. When the World Trade Center was destroyed, I read as many papers as I could find and buy about the tragedy and who was behind it. Not ONE claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. It was the continual news on television and the TV’s networks and the pretentious, supposedly retired, supposedly experts, supposed former authorities and government employees that kept pushing the idea of Iraq having weapons of mass destruction.
    And the fact that the world allowed the United States to attack Iraq and other countries get involved shows that all of this is deliberate and has a purpose.
    And Netanyahu’s continued insistence for a strike and threatened strike on Iran proves that the Jews need Iran out of the way for it to have no further resistance to its intention to expand its phony, supposed kingdom towards Iran.
    A poll showed that more people support Israel than those who don’t. So the Christian world will get its taste of Communism if the Arabs are defeated just as the Russian people had.\
    and the President of the United States and Congress know who rules world affairs when they wear the skull caps , go to the Wailing Wall or kiss the ring finger of the Pope.
    And we have several people wanting to be3 President who are Catholic or religiously inclined.

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