Syria is Fighting Terrorism on Behalf of the World–Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari

May 4, 2015

“There is no secret anymore what’s going on in Syria. Anybody who has some doubts or scepticism with regard to what’s going on in Syria, he has a problem nowadays…Otherwise, is it a coincidence that after four years of total denial, the 15 heads of states or government of the 15 memebers of the SC came all together to endorse the Security Council Resolution 2178, which condemns/prohibits all kinds of sponsoring of terrorism, all kinds of involvement of terrorism, all kinds of cross-border mercenary operations..? Is it a coincidence? It is not. It is not, because even those who are somehow involved in the Syrian bloodshed came to SC to endorse this resolution.

It is not a ‘civil war’ in Syria. It is not. Some others say, ‘It’s a dictatorship killing its own people’. It’s not.

Some others say its about animosity and hatred among those living in Syria. It is not. Here and there you will hear different versions about what is going on it Syria. But none of these versions is accurate.

The only truth is that the war in Syria is a war between terrorism and the Syrian governement, and nothing else.

We want peace, we want genuine peace, peace of the braves. But we will never capitulate, we will never surrender. We want a genuine peace, a peace that preserves the identity of Syria. A peace worked out by the Syrians themselves, without any foreign intereference. A peace that will not lead to the division of Syria. A peace that will preserve the co-existence, co-habitation… you name it… cohesion… I don’t like any of these words, but for the sake of the conversation, I’m saying it. We don’t need coexistence or cohabitation or cohesion, or whatever, in Syria, these words are artificial.

We need to be Syrians, full-stop. This is how we lived for thousands of years, and this is how we intend to continue living on our homeland.”


The Real Syrian Moderates: Voices of Reason (Mufti Hassoun & Dr Bouthaina Shaaban), Mar 15, 2015

-Scoundrels & Gangsters at UN: Silencing the Syrian Narrative, Feb 4, 2015

-Interview: Syrian Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari on Sovereignty, Terrorism, and the Failure of the UN, Jan 17, 2015

“They want to start a religious war; we want to extinguish it” – Mufti of Syria, Jun 1, 2014

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