love in liberated Homs

11692516_864424586926565_849179155512892467_n Photo of St. George’s church in Old Homs [from Al Hamidiya FB page]

St. George’s church in June 2014, post liberation from NATO’s terrorists.

-by Eva Bartlett I’m sharing a message from a Christian Syrian friend from the Old City of Homs. I met him last year after Homs was liberated of its NATO death squads…He told me of his own family having fled their home upon entry of terrorist gangs to their district, and kindly toured me around the shattered churches and neighbourhood of the Old City. I wrote about it here: Homs: “We wanted to protect our house”   and here:  Liberated Homs Residents Challenge Notion of “Revolution” His story was beyond sad, as was that that of Zeinat and Aymen who had remained in their homes and been repeatedly robbed by the armed gangs till they near-starved…and the stories of other Homs residents I met who spoke of the NATO-alliance murderers’ version of “Freedom”.

On that visit, I wrote of the church and Abu Nabeel’s words: ““I was baptised in this church, got married in it, and baptised my children in it,”… The St. George Church, with its crumbling walls, is one of 11 reported destroyed in the Old City. It no longer has its wooden ceiling and ornately-carved wooden ceiling panels and wall lattice lie in heaps outside the ancient church. “Most of the damage is from the last days just before the insurgents left,” he said. “But we’ll rebuild.” That rebuilding has already begun, with residents scraping away rubble and re-paving small areas that had been damaged….”

So I was quite happy to get today’s message, below, and photos, and want to share it and them to show that while Syria is being pummeled by the NATO-Saud-Qatar-Turkey-Zionist alliance with terrorists from over 100 countries funneled into the sovereign state, Syrians are fighting back and continue to love and live life, even in the most impossible of circumstances. ***

“Hello Eva, hope you are okay.

Do you remember your visit to Al-Hamidia neighborhood in Homs city exactly one year ago? We visited a destructive Church, called St. George’s church, and I told you how it is important to the people of the neighborhood, (where we Baptism, Married and Baptized our children smile emoticon ).
From one year to our day this Church is getting up and back, two weeks ago we celebrated a wedding in it, despite it has no roof. This event has taken a global sensation, and several news agencies is asking us to give them images.
And we have some new photos you will be pleased to see, I’ll send them to you to be proud of the Syrians as we are proud of you.”
From the FB page of “Al Hamidiya Community

#‏عن_حارتنا_الحميدية_ببساطة‬ || أول عرس بكنيسة مار جرجس ألف مبروك فادي سويد ورنا مخول يلي هلأ صرتو عيلة وحدة … تهانينا الحارة وتمنياتنا إلكن بحياة كلها صحة وحب وسعادة وخصوصاً إنو اول خطوة إلكن كانت من هالمكان العظيم …. بدون تفاصيل… الصور بتحكي قصة هالعرس الرائع… اتفرجوا وادعولن بالتوفيق… ‫#‏حمص‬ ‫#‏حمص_القديمة‬ _الحميدية ‫#‏مار_جرجس‬ ‫#‏زفاف‬ ‫#‏العودة‬

‪#‎About‬ _ neighborhood _ alhmydyt _ simply || First wedding church maar georges ‪#‎Hummus‬ ‪#‎hummus‬ _ old _ alhmydyt ‪#‎maar‬ _ Georges ‪#‎wedding‬ ‪#‎return‬

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