Terrorism from Damascus’ Perspective: interview with Stephen Gowans [AUDIO]

Jul 27, 2015, Taylor Report

CLICK HERE to listen

“Gowans comments on President Bashar Al-Assad’s July 27 speech that focuses on the Western massive and endless hypocrisy, for example: (1) The Western powers hiding behind the word “terrorism” when they are attacked, but changing the label to revolution, freedom or human rights when directing violence against their official enemy states. (2) US and allies are openly supporting Islamic militants in Syria, while claiming that they are in coalition to stop ISIS. (3) Turkey President Erogan and US wanting to establish a no-fly zone over Syria but not calling it that.

Gowans clarifies the ultimate goal of Turkey’s President Erogan: Overthrow anti-colonial, anti-imperialist Syrian government.

Gowans declares that the story about establishing a buffer zone so refugees could come back to Syria is completely absurd. What refugee wants to return to a zone that is going to use military forces to launch attacks on the government? Phil Taylor adds — Assad pointed out that refugees are not running to ISIS but coming to the Syrian government’s truly neutral area.

Phil Taylor adds that the closing of embassies is an act of incitement.”

Stephen Gowans:  Terrorism from Damascus’s perspective

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