Sukant Chandan: “Our peoples drowned dead bodies is not material for faux liberal/leftie humanitarianism! “

**none of these are my own writings and rantings; but I endorse them 100% plus.

For those on Facebook, click here for a powerful video-tribute by Sukant Chandan.

*Sukant Chandan: “Sometimes one doesn’t know how to manage the pain and fury: the only thing is to advocate for and stay loyal to our people and their intergenerational liberation struggles.”


Western “liberals” supporting a Libya 2.0 (Hafsa Kara calls them out).


Read: Al-Jazeera: An Island of Pro-Empire Intrigue, by Sukant Chandan

“The Empire admits: without Al-Jazeera, they could not have bombed Libya.”

***[note, this applies to Syria now]

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