Foua and Kafarya: latest updates on villages under NATO/Saudi mercenaries’ assault

Embedded image permalink *Ahmed Tabara, who Twitter feed “Kafarya Alfoua” reports was killed by NATO-backed terrorists in their assault on Kafarya and Foua in northern Syria

Al Masdar News reported on Aug 31 that “Al-Qaeda affiliates – led by Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham and the Free Syrian Army’s 2nd Battalion of the 101st Division” attacked Foua and Kafarya, as well as “the National Defense Forces’ (NDF) controlled villages of Al-Suwaghiyah, Tal Al-Khirbat, and Deir Al-Zughab in this area just north of Idlib City.” The report noted:

“On Sunday afternoon, the Jaysh Al-Fateh militants – led by Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham – finally broke-through the National Defense Forces’ frontline positions at the village of Al-Suwaghiyah after fierce clashes with the aforementioned civilian militia; this led to the NDF’s withdrawal to Tal Khirbat and Al-Sughawiyah’s  complete capture by the Al-Qaeda affiliates before nightfall dissipated the clashes.

Despite their success on Sunday, the armed combatants from Jaysh Al-Fateh could not achieve the same level of success on Monday, as the stiff resistance from the National Defense Forces was enough to forestall the Islamist rebels from advancing into the towns of Al-Fou’aa and Kafraya.

According to a military source in the Hama Governorate, the National Defense Forces destroyed a number of armed vehicles that included a BMP and a T-55 Tank that belonged to the Islamist rebels of Harakat Ahrar Al-Sham, while also killing the leader of Free Syrian Army’s 2nd Battalion, ‘Ali Za’our.

The source further added that the Al-Qaeda affiliates killed 6 more civilians from Al-Fou’aa and Kafraya; this death toll includes 2 children under the age of 3 and 1 elderly male (age 82).”


Journalist Saer Asleam, who specializes in issues related to the greater Idlib region, wrote (in Arabic on Al Akhbar) that the militants had assaulted the two villages “with more than 1,500 shell within 24 hours.”


The twitter feed “Kafarya Alfoua” has regular updates on the situation in the besieged, bombarded villages.

Sep 1 tweet:

“Moderate fighter (on the left) kills Dangerous Leader From called Rimas Aswad (right)”

Sep 1 tweet:

“These rockets are being used against civilians in & by the (moderate) terrorists aided by

*Further images of terrorists’ rockets on the villages, from an Aug 30 tweet:

Map of the area under assault by Nusra and Jaysh el Fattah, among other NATO/Saudi/Turkish-backed terrorists:

Iyad Khuder, of Middle East Channel (MEC): The Tale of Two Villages:


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