State Department Diplomacy at its Finest: spokesperson backtracks on accusations of Russian airstrikes hitting civilian infrastructure

Corporate media and the US government first accused Russia of attacking Syrian civilians **before** the airstrikes had even begun a month ago. Now, their latest scheme is accusing Russia of bombing hospitals in Syria (and ignoring the actual bombing of hospitals by the west’s “moderate” terrorists… like the Kindi Hospital, for example, and (as of January 2014) “NATO-backed armed groups have systematically attacked more than two thirds of Syria’s public hospitals, and have murdered, kidnapped or injured more than 300 health workers.” (Syria’s Hospitals targeted by NATO-backed Armed Groups)

Take a look and listen to their **evidence** when asked by Russia Today (RT) and then by journalist Matt Lee for details on the alleged bombing and on targeting civilian infrastructure.

**watch/listen to trudeau’s facial gestures and inflection… Traits of an utter liar, deflecting questions with nonsensical replies**

Prelude: John Kirby, state dept: “We’ve seen some information that would lead us to believe that Russian military aircraft did hit a hospital.”

RT to state dept Elizabeth Trudeau: “Can you really offer no details on the hospital that the us accuses Russia of hitting?”

Trudeau: “We’re gonna stand by my kirby’s words.”

RT: “You’re not even going to say where it is, that hospital that you are saying Russia hit?”

Trudeau: “What we’re saying is that we have seen information that Russia is targeting civilian infrastructure”…

RT: “He spoke about a specific hospital, in Syria. Where exactly is it? What details can you offer about that hospital?”

Trudeau: “Again, I’m not gonna get into the sort of *detail* of operational assessment for this. Maybe you should speak to the Russians on their targeting.”

Matt Lee: “Clearly she or her colleagues have spoken to the Russians about it, and they say that you are wrong. Isn’t it incumbent on you to come up with even a location, it doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult. And the second thing is, you just expanded it quite broadly to say not just hospitals, you said that the Russians are actually targeting civilian infrastructure…” (gets cut off)

Trudeau: “Thank you, Matt. Actually, the Russians have hit (nervous, annoyed shake of the head)…um, thank you for the, for the clarification …no they’ve HIT (pissy, shut the fck up voice)… and I appreciate that (annoyed dismissive face gesture)…..they are not targeting..”

Matt Lee: “They are not targeting civilian infrastructure?”

Trudeau: “No I’m thank you for that.”


So there we have it. This is State Deparment diplomacy at its finest. Deflections, lies, and her final conclusive answer “no, they’ve hit”.  What does that even mean? Time for a new puppet spokesperson, america.


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