Time to Grow Up about Syria Propaganda [RADIO interview]

An interview I did with Brendan Stone yesterday on his program, Unusual Sources. Their introduction:

“Guest: Eva Bartlett, Canadian journalist, who has visited Syria 4 times in the past three years.

Mainstream media reporting and NGO social-media posts about starvation in the Syrian village of Madaya are designed to elicit an emotional response and build support for military intervention in Syria. Reality on the ground there, and elsewhere in Syria is ignored.

Agitation about Madaya is propaganda in its purest form – telling part of the truth in order to obscure a larger picture. Falsehoods were definitely spread about Madaya, and citizens in the West need to start asking questions about the stories and reporting surrounding Madaya and other Syrian villages. That is, if we are serious about breaking the cycle of war propaganda justifying intervention in Iraq, Libya, Syria, and elsewhere.”

Listen HERE


*On Madaya:

-essential listening: Vanessa Beeley on UK Column

-Propaganda alert: Madaya media fabrications; recycled photos, Dissident Voice

-Not-Tweetworthy: UN Selectively Tweeting Syrian Villages, Ignores Foua, Kafarya, Nubl, Zahara Besieged by US Sponsored Terrorists, Global Research

-“Those who are besieged are all the 23 million Syrians”: Syria’s Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari on Madaya, Kafarya, Foua, Zabadani, Syria, In Gaza

*On Foua and Kafarya:

-Untold Suffering in Foua and Kafarya, Counter Punch

-Part 2 on Foua and Kafarya, Counter Punch

-Kafarya & Foua Left Out in the Cold by UN, The Wall Will Fall

*On Yarmouk:

-YARMOUK: understanding the situation, In Gaza

-Who Are the Starving and Besieged Residents of Yarmouk and Why Are They There?, Dissident Voice

-Stealing Palestine: Who dragged Palestinians into Syria’s conflict?, Russia Today


“Human Rights” front groups (“Humanitarian Interventionalists”) warring on Syria, In Gaza


-Where is the West’s compassion & condemnation following terror attacks in Middle East, Jan 30, 2016, Russia Today

Note: the Paris attacks were actually one day AFTER the Bourj al-Barajneh bombings… and yet, in the corporate media, no *fair* un-lexiconed coverage of the suffering of Beirut residents due to these terrorist attacks.

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