Porkins Policy Radio ep. 46 The Truth About Syria with Eva Bartlett (interview)

2.3 km Syrian flag, al-Mezzeh Highway, Damascus, SANA, June 15, 2011.

Feb 21, 2016, Porkins Policy Radio

For this episode we are joined by activist and freelance journalist Eva Bartlett for an in-depth discussion of the  war in Syria.  Fresh from her fourth trip to the embattled nation, Eva lends us her perspective of what it’s actually like on the ground.  Eva recounts the many places she has visited, and the current living conditions of the Syrian people.  Eva and I discuss the numerous terrorist groups and gangs operating  within Syria, and the disappearance of groups such as the FSA and other “moderate rebel” groups.  Eva also offers us an alternative narrative about the Maddaya starvation story that gripped  news headlines and then vanished.  We discuss the propaganda involved in this story and its similarity to the skewed reporting of the terrorist siege of Yarmouk.

We also touch on the recent doxxing of a UN press official by hipster-propagandist Molly Crabapple, and her laughable claims that the UN is secretly working with the Assad government.  Eva talks about the dire situation  in the villages of Foua and Kafarya, two areas completely ignored by the United Nations.  Later we briefly touch  on the role that Israel is playing in the Golan Heights, and in aiding some of the terrorist fighting in Syria.  We round off our conversation by talking about the Grand Mufti, Dr. Ahmad Badr Al-Din Hassoun, and the positive role he is playing in Syria.

Show Notes:

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-Liberated Homs Residents Challenge Notion of “Revolution”, Jul 8, 2014, Inter Press Services, In Gaza

-Syrians Flock to Vote in Lebanon, May 30, 2014, Inter Press Services, In Gaza

My Interviews on Syria

8 thoughts on “Porkins Policy Radio ep. 46 The Truth About Syria with Eva Bartlett (interview)

  1. The link from your newsletter Eva, went ‘down’ about a 1/3 into the program; but it just so happened to be right there on FB ! yeaa and i didn’t miss a second! love the intro music and exit music!. (i’m a pop-crush-noir fan) i had several things to add.
    Towards the end you said the US was complicit in the carnage in Syria (not a direct quote) and i say No, it wasn’t just complicit it was the instigator, brains and money, military hardware, behind it all.
    So the US State Dept/via subterfuge in cooperation with Mossad and al-CIA-dah; But clearly in the lead among all accomplices…
    Next: A main recipient is Israhell; which depending on whoever’s scale one uses does waaay more than equalize/ IE it squeezes big bennies out of the US State Dept for military endeavors. And likely the main recipient of the most tangible, land for greater Israhell.
    Last but not least, in all of this, Russia is The Target.
    The US State Dept is the most atrocious mendacious entity on the planet. They have succeeded in putting Russia on the offensive big time in Syria defending it’s hard assets (Tartus et al)…while putting the State Dept’s tentacles between it’s legs and cloven hooves it still gets big points ~ a pitiful shame in the face of the world. Yet watch it try to dictate this or that…it’s nauseating what this Dept does.
    At any rate i’m Thankful you courageously found your way into these towns and cities beyond Damascus. Reminds me of a bus trip i took from Saigon to My Tho on hi-way 4 after i got out of 25th Evac (WIA) during Tet (intensive care ward) a few weeks after the Tet Offensive…
    I am deeply interested in your detractors. Where does their trail lead back to? I sense this was a ‘political hit’ of sorts on you. June T. situation may be collateral effects or intentional, lots on her plate; No time to deal with Chandan and his minions. But want to challenge them and jerk his covers if he is a tool of the US State Dept or just an ego nut job.
    meds are kicking in, nite nite

  2. excellent post. THANK YOU. amazing how the main stream media and The Left has been covering up the truth what really happen in Syria and lybia. God bless you !!!

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