Reporting from Syria and not just on Syria – an interview with Eva Bartlett (audio)

Feb 29, 2016, The Monitor

Mark Bebawi had me on his show recently. Following is his introduction, and below links to points made in the discussion.

Eva Bartlett is a Canadian freelance journalist and activist who has lived in and written from the Gaza Strip, Syria, and Lebanon. She has visited Syria four times in the last 2 years (April and June 2014, February and December 2015). You can read other articles by Eva, or visit Eva’s website. She has a lengthy article published on DissdentVoice titled Deconstructing the NATO Narrative on Syria

You can follow here on twitter here and read her articles about Syria here. The interview attempts to dissect the divergent narratives presented about Syria in the media and to get an eyewitness account from somebody who has actually been there. It is sure to cause some controversy.”

Listen HERE

Related Links:

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-The real Syrian moderates: voices of reason (Mufti Hassoun…), Russia Today

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-What the Syrian Constitution says about Assad and the Rebels, Stephen Gowans, What’s Left

-What has the Syrian government done to address the demands of its people?, Hands Off Syria


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