Why UN Sanctions Against North Korea Are Wrong

Name me a time when insidious western sanctions on, and vilification of, any non-subservient country has not caused mass suffering in those countries, and has not be born of Imperialistic designs.

Read Stephen Gowans’ latest informative article, on sanctions against the DPRK.

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What the U.S. really wants is not the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula but the Americanization of the Korean peninsula.” [1]

March 7, 2016

By Stephen Gowans

After successfully concluding negotiations with China to craft a new raft of international sanctions against North Korea, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power stepped in front of reporters to declare that the northeast Asian country, “one of the most brutal regimes the world has ever known,” would not be allowed to achieve “its declared goal of developing nuclear-tipped intercontinental ballistic missiles. The international community cannot allow” this to happen, she said. “The United States will not allow this to happen.” [2]

A week later, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) issued a resolution imposing the new tranche of sanctions on “the most sanctioned nation in the world,” as George W. Bush had once called North Korea. [3] “The resolution,” noted…

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  1. Very enlightening! Given the 3 Branches of US Gubmint: Wall St. K-Street and the Statagon all of this is deductible from their track record over the last 70 yrs or even back to the taking of Hawaii … and our presents on/in the Philippines since 1890something esp thru 1913 (year of the FED and soon WWI)
    This takes my knowledge to a new level in the Korea Conflict / ie Police Action / and cannon fodder for China ~ The concept that DPRK is a pawn in a bigger game is obvious to even a marginal world savvy individual. To Repugh’s i donno they’d waste themselves in order to save themselves.
    Working back from the China premise everything Mr Gowans says is evidence of this premise.
    i did not know much at all about DPRK’s in out with NPT ~ excellent compilation of evidence against the US State Dept pushing the envelope over and over, everywhere these vermin go…Bolton, Powers, Clinton, Albright, Rice types ~ back into Brighton Woods…

  2. When I lived in South Korea I found that most Koreans are really not happy having to pay for the massive U.S military presence in their country

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