Truth and Lies of the Syrian Conflict: Conversations with Eva Bartlett, Tom Duggan and Patrick Henningsen. Global Research News Hour episode 212

Recently, I spoke with Michael Welch of Global Research News Hour, for his episode, “Truth and Lies of the Syrian Conflict”.

Michael Welch’s introduction includes:

“The Syrian crisis is once again making headlines. In particular, humanitarian agencies like UNICEF, AVAAZ, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are blaming Syrian and Russian airstrikes for civilian deaths in East Ghoutta while completely ignoring the carnage meted out by rebel factions in the area.

While such respected agencies, as well as supposedly independent media outlets like Democracy Now may fall short of actually endorsing war, the distorted coverage and one-sided humanitarian narratives they relay play into the hands of the military interventionists.

This week’s installment of the Global Research News Hour returns its gaze to Syria and attempts to provide a fuller picture of what’s happening on the ground and why.

First up is Eva Bartlett. She has visited Syria frequently over the last several years, interviewing numerous people in all parts of Syria. She can attest to the important stories that are being deliberately weeded out of the corporate press. In her conversation with the Global Research News Hour (transcribed below) she details missing reporting about terrorist activities in the country. She also corrects the record on the meme of her being on Russia’s payroll, while disclosing areas where the objectivity of UN and other humanitarian agencies are compromised.

We next hear from Damascus-based journalist Tom Duggan. He speaks about the shelling of schools, hospitals and other non-military targets by militants in East Ghouta and the suffering that has resulted. He also elaborates on the way Western sanctions against Syria have contributed to the humanitarian disaster in the city.

Finally, Patrick Henningsen returns to the program. The geopolitical analyst has been to Syria in the last year. He addresses the actual reasons for U.S. interest in the overthrow and undermining of President Assad. He also gets into Washington’s ‘Plan B’ for Syria and interprets Turkish operations in Afrin, Israeli involvement near Damascus, and Kurdish activity within the north of Syria within that context.”

“Eva Bartlett is a Canadian independent journalist and activist. She spent years on the ground covering conflict zones in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Palestine.

She’s a recipient of the international journalism reward for international reporting from the Mexican Press Club in 2017. Bartlett maintains that the major press have based their assertions about the Syrian conflict on unreliable and partisan sources.”


*Bio & Mexican Press Club Award

*On Bilal Abdul Kareem & Bana al-Abed:

*On doctors in Aleppo: Western corporate media ‘disappears’ over 1.5 million Syrians and 4,000 doctors

*On Madaya and east Aleppo:

*UN War Propagandizing:

*On terrorists attacks on humanitarian corridor (Castello road) while I was there in November 2016

*On Omran Daqneesh:

*On terrorism that is whitewashed in corporate media:

*Rebuttals to MSM claims and smears:

*On War Propagandizing Human Rights groups:

*Democracy Now & Counter Punch Shills For War:

*On Foua and Kafraya, besieged by terrorists, starving and bombarded:

8 thoughts on “Truth and Lies of the Syrian Conflict: Conversations with Eva Bartlett, Tom Duggan and Patrick Henningsen. Global Research News Hour episode 212

  1. Eva. This was wonderful as always, i was hoping to see you or Mr. Henningsen at the TiLAP conference at the National Press Club. Stay safe, speak truth, be loved, and as happy as can be in a he midst of all of these lies about you and your work.

  2. Thanks so much, Ernest! I’m not aware of that conference. 🙂 Thanks for your v kind words!

  3. This year Gideon Levy from Haaretz was the keynote speaker. Mr. Grant F. Smith from IRMEP along with WRMEA magazine and bookstore are the sponsors. Last year Mr. Jack Shaheen was the keynote before he passed on to the next phase of life, going through deaths doors. The entire conference is now free on the youtube, unless the have axed the account. Which they have recently done to so many others. Including the defatigable Ryan Dawson, whose ahow you’ve graced before. Since you’re a northerner, I reckoned it would be your type of fuction. Over 15 nations sent offica representations, Prof. Norman Finkelstein attended and many others.

    I’ll hope to see you next year, if fate and time allow for you to attend. An almost broken soldier, Mr. Lee Camp actually interviewed me last late March/early April time frame. I’ve had no other outlets for ly thoughts since. I appreciate your bravery, apparent honesty, and I’m very very glad the devils haven’t been able to manufacture a Turkish airport incident, or Mr Rachel Corrie type tragedy through your wondeful truth telling.

    And you’re most welcome for the comments, I’ve followed your work very closely, and glad to think I’ve made you smile or happy for eveb a short while.

    Kindest regards,


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