Frome Stop War, Published on Mar 6, 2018
“Internationally acclaimed journalist Eva Bartlett gave a hugely informative presentation for Frome Stop War entitled, ‘Syria, Lies and Videotape’. Syrian from Aleppo, Kevork Almassian was due to join her, was unable to attend but has added his endorsement of the event in a short video at the beginning of the event.
Eva has traveled to Syria seven times since the commencement of hostilities there, has fearlessly reported what corporate and establishment media would not, and has given voice to Syrians ignored by them. She’s undertaken interviews with Syrians who’ve told of their experiences. Their testimonies directly conflict with what we’ve been told by our media and politicians and she’s exposed specific instances of manipulations, deceptions and fakery which were contrived to promoted yet another regime change narrative. Her analysis, first hand evidence and testimonies from civilians in Syria is valuable and historic.”


My Comments:

In Frome, Somerset, I spoke at length on Syria to an audience I suspect was already quite well-informed but hungry for on the ground details. The event was organized by Sheila Coombes of Frome Stop War, which in 2017 hosted Media On Trial, with speakers Robert Stuart (who with his”Fabrication in BBC Panorama ‘Saving Syria’s Children’” has in-depth investigated lies and manipulations of the BBC), Patrick Henningsen, Vanessa Beeley, Piers Robinson, and Peter Ford. See the Frome Stop War Youtube channel for all of the speeches.

On a personal note, I was delighted by the audience turn-out, some at the Frome event who had traveled great lengths to attend, and by the drop-in of colleague and friend Vanessa Beeley.

*Note: during end of Q & A I meant to say Ramouseh was closed and Castello had just been opened (re Aug 2016)


*On early “unarmed” protests & fomented regime-change:

-Prof Tim Anderson on Daraa, 2011:

-“Syria: The Hidden Massacre” Sharmine Narwani investigated the early massacres of Syrian soldiers, noting that many of the murders occurred even after the Syrian government had abolished the state security courts, lifted the state of emergency, granted general amnesties, and recognized the right to peaceful protest.

Nidal Jannoud murdered

Stephen Gowans: “The Revolutionary Distemper in Syria That Wasn’t”

Syrians in Canada Comments on when the protests began

Lilly Sahounie on LA Times false report on ‘violent’ protests in Latakia, April 1, 2011

Deconstructing the NATO Narrative on Syria

-May 2011 video footage of later-resigned Al Jazeera journalist Ali Hashem shows fighters entering Syria from Lebanon, carrying guns and RPGs (Hashem stated he’d likewise seen fighters entering in April). Al Jazeera refused to air the May footage, telling Hashem to ‘forget there are armed men. [See: Sharmine Narwani’s “Surprise Video Changes Syria “Timeline””]

William Roebuck leaked 2006 cable

2012 US DIA report on rise of Islamic State

Washington Confesses to Backing “Questionable Actors” in Syria

former Qatari PM admission to supplying terrorists

*On Support for the Syrian government:

-March 29, 2011: over 6 million people across Syria took to the streets in support of President al-Assad.

-June 2011: hundreds of thousands marched in Damascus in support of the president, with a 2.3 km long Syrian flag.

-November, 2011, masses again held demonstrations supporting President al-Assad, notably in Homs (the so-called “capital of the ‘revolution’”), Dara’a (the so-called “birthplace of the ‘revolution’”), Deir ez-Zour, Raqqa, Latakia, and Damascus.

-Mass demonstrations like this have occurred repeatedly since, including in March 2012, in May 2014 in the lead-up to Presidential elections, and in June 2015, to note just some of the larger rallies.

*On Sanctions:

-Dr. Bouthaina Shaaban, Western media ignoring reality on the ground in Syria: terrorism and anti-Syria sanctions which help terrorists, Mar 3, 2016, Russia Today

*My Articles/Videos From Aleppo 2016

-On Aleppo’s over 4100 doctors and the Dabeet Maternity hospital: Western corporate media ‘disappears’ over 1.5 million Syrians and 4,000 doctors

Dr. Nabil Antaki on terrorists’ attacks on Aleppo, and more (video)

On terrorists targeting of civilians & humanitarian corridors

MP Fares Shehabi schools Channel 4 war propagandist, Krishnan Guru Murthy (who refuses to “get into history”) (video)

Leaving Aleppo in simple taxi while terrorists mortar the area (Aug 2016 video)

Solitary Confinement FSA Underground Prison (Nov 2016 video)

Dr Ibrahim Hadid, former director of Kindi Hospital (Nov 2016 video)

Defiance: Aleppo Woman Refuses to be Terrorized Out of her City (Nov 2016 video)

Woman from the Aleppo Chamber of Industry Speaks on Resilience (Nov 2016 video)

Medic Speaks of his wish for a return to peace in Syria (Nov 2016 video)

*My Articles/Videos From Aleppo June 2017

Al-Nusra & Co Occupied Eye & Children’s Hospital Complex, Aleppo (video)

Liwa Tawhid Headquarters in Eye Hospital Complex, eastern Aleppo (video)

Solitary Confinement Cells, Eye Hospital Complex, Aleppo (video)

Shop owner speaks improved life post-liberation,and of his losses under terrorists’ assault (video)

Interview with Bab al-Hadid resident

Meeting Omran and his father (article)

The father of Omran Daqneesh, on his 11 year old, Mohammad Ali (video)

Omran Daqneesh father supports Syrian army (video)

Father of Omran Daqneesh speaks to me about son’s mild injuries (video)

The ‘other’ Omran: Aleppo civilians expose MSM lies & child exploitation (by Vanessa Beeley)

*My Articles/Videos From Madaya & al-Waer June 2017 (and related)

Order Returns To Western Cities (Madaya and al-Waer), Civilians Recount Horrors Of ‘Rebel’ Rule, (blog version with more photos)

Men from Madaya speak on terrorists hoarding food, starving civilians (video)

Madaya prison and torture room (video)

Madaya Bomb Factory (video)

Wounded Buqayn employee, Madaya (video)

*On terrorism that is whitewashed in corporate media:

*Rebuttals to MSM claims and smears:

*On War Propagandizing Human Rights groups:

*Democracy Now & Counter Punch Shills For War:

*On Foua and Kafraya, besieged by terrorists, starving and bombarded:

*UN War Propagandizing:



6 thoughts on “SYRIA, LIES & VIDEOTAPE – EVA BARTLETT – 2018, Frome

  1. Thank you Eva, and thank you Lara for this interesting video. I’ve been in Syrias many years before the war, and now I see was has happened there. It’s horrible! This war of the Western alliance and there proxies against the Syrian people is a ciminal act, I cannot find words. What you said about this situation is absolutely the truth. And we know that the western mass media everywhere in Europe continue further lying. One declines from the other: “Machthaber” Assad, “Fassbomben”, das syrische “Regime” etc.

    I mean, we should not only talk about the lies, but also about the reasons of this war crime. The crisis in the USA tapers to a point, therefore, the ruling class is interested to continue the war. A handful of multi-millionaires are earning much on every war. They need the profit. And the weapons came from Germany, U.K., U.S.A., France and so on.

    Remember Nuremberg 1946. The accused war criminal Schacht said in 1930 to consul Fuller: “Colonies are necessary for Germany. If possibly, we will receive them by negotiations, but if not, we take them.” (Document EC-450, US-629) – He was acquitted… ( against the protest of the Soviet member of the delegation!)

  2. Really outstanding presentation , Eva. Also , kudos to the production crew , organizers,etc. for putting together a quality product here.

    I wish every MSM-addlebrained person in the West could see this because you do such a thorough job of destroying the establishment narrative / propaganda.

    Many thanks for your continued dedication to this vitally important work. Also for the link-fest above , which I intend to explore.

  3. Thank you so much, Marko! And yes, the organizers did an amazing job choosing the venue and setting up, very professional!

  4. Wish I had known about this. I’d have made the journey from Wales. Outstanding as always, from @MisterSoAngry

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