Interview on Syria Insider: Dismantling Media Lies On Syria, Chemical Weapons, the White Helmets

While in Syria, on May 17, 2018, I gave an interview on Syria Insider. I’ve since added corresponding footage or photos to the video, to highlight some of the points I made.

*Editing credits at the end pertain to the original video on Syria Insider, shared here.

Links Related To Points Discussed:

MSM dismissal or ignoring of terrorist attacks

Hadi Nasrallah on Foua and Kafraya massacre:

Western media describes the massacre as a ‘hiccup’:

Vanessa Beeley articles on the massacre of civilians from Foua and Kafraya:

Hypocrisy and double stardards of dismissal of hassan diab testimony:

*Hassan’s testimony

-Al Jazeera dismissal:

-Australian Broacasting dismissal:

-Al Jazeera promotion of Bana al-Abed:

-ABC promotion of Bana al-Abed:

-My article on the exploitation, for war propaganda, of Bana al-Abed:

*That Bana could not speak English:

-Banas of eastern Ghouta (prior to liberation of eastern Ghouta):

Rebuttals to character smears and libel:

-Those Who Transmit Syrian Voices Are Russian Propagandists? Monitors of ‘Fake News’ Negate Syrian Suffering

-How the Mainstream Media Whitewashed Al-Qaeda and the White Helmets in Syria

-The White Helmets Are A Propaganda Construct

-An Open Letter to Olivia Solon

-A Personal Reply to the Fact-Challenged Smears of Terrorist-Whitewashing Channel 4, Snopes and La Presse

-Interview: Eva Bartlett on Syria & Smear Campaign

From on the ground in eastern Ghouta:


-Medical student/doctor Marwan Jaber on alleged CW attack:

-A look at part of the labyrinth of tunnels the terrorists formerly occupying Douma used to evade detection and thus prolong the misery of civilians held hostage by terrorists who executed civilians and hoarded food.

-Tunnels in Saqba, with rooms full of medicines. Recall that western media told us that the Syrian government wasn’t allowing aid into eastern Ghouta…

-More tunnels in Saqba:

*Kafr Batna:

-main square used to execute civilians:

-electricity being restored:

-Madaya & eastern Aleppo links on why starving:

*Order Returns To Western Cities, Civilians Recount Horrors Of Rebel Rule: In revisiting Madaya and al-Waer after their reclamation by the Syrian army, it soon became clear from Bartlett’s conversations with residents, just how distorted the reporting of corporate media about their fate under “rebel” control had been.

*Aleppo civilians find food stockpile at abandoned rebel depot

Compromised sources on Ghouta: SAMS

Syrians call all factions terrorists

*Aleppo 2017:

On Dara’a

-Syria: how the violence began, in Daraa, by Tim Anderson

-Syria: The hidden massacre, by Sharmine Narwani

-Dr Amer Ghantous on Al Jazeera lies:

-My Dara’a posts thus far:

On the not destroyed Al-Quds hospital:

“In April 2016, media, in chorus, reported that the Syrians or Russians had “destroyed” the Quds hospital in Sukkari, eastern Aleppo. The source of this claim was Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), which reported: “According to hospital staff on the ground, the hospital was destroyed by at least one airstrike which directly hit the building, reducing it to rubble.”

The lie was repeated, including in this Washington Post report: “Airstrikes Wednesday night collapsed a hospital supported by Doctors Without Borders and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).”

Yet, in June 2017, I stood inside the intact Quds hospital, which had not been reduced “to rubble” as MSF had claimed. It is not plausible that the building was “destroyed” and then rebuilt while eastern areas of Aleppo were under military siege.”

On the internally-destroyed Dabeet hospital:

“From the terrorists’ May 3rd bombings, a rocket landed on a parked car right next to the al-Dabeet maternity hospital, causing a massive explosion which gutted the hospital interior, severely damaged the exterior, and burned the two cars parked behind it. Footage from a nearby building’s security camera shows the rocket and subsequent massive explosion occurred at 9:36 am, May 3rd.

The three women killed were in the al-Dabeet hospital reception at the time, said Dr. Dabeet. One of the injured included a 28-week-pregnant woman who survived the loss of long sections of her intestine due to shrapnel injuries.

The operating room was destroyed, along with patient rooms, five of ten incubators (the other five needing repair), and much of his equipment.

One week later the maternity hospital was again hit by a terrorist-fired mortar, destroying the roof and injuring construction workers there, according to Dr. Dabeet.”

Aleppo links:

-Scenes from Aleppo’s old city, renewed life around the Citadel

-Aleppo MP Fares Shehabi on Renewed Life in Secular Aleppo, Syria

-Channel 4 deflection: “Let’s not get into history”…

On Syrian War Correspondent Wassim Issa

-Wassim Issa first update post-injury:

-Interview with Wassim Issa, in hospital room:


Imperialism on Trial links

-My post on the panel:

-Neil Clark article on Imperialism on Trial panel:

-Former British ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, speech:

-RTUK livestream:

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  1. Guess what…last night (May 28) I retweeted a post about the Canada pipeline to you. I was immediately locked out of Twitter. This was a pretty innocuous post, so I have to conclude that you are persona non grata with Twitter.

    What an honor for you, Ms. Eva K. Bartlett! You are such a “threat” to Twitter that they will lock out someone who Retweets to you. But,I thought you should know about it. I can apparently still RT posts you are mentioned in, but can’t RT directly to you. This may be happening with other Twitter users’ posts to you as well, so if you are not receiving Tweets, now you’ll know why.

    The Anti-Defamation League is on the board of the Twitter thought police, which I tweeted about a couple of days ago. So that is who is partly determining their policy.

    Here are a couple of videos from YouTube about the ADL and the Twitter censorship board (I can’t find the one I originally tweeted about who’s on the board): (sorta extreme right)

    When I find the one I originally posted, I’ll email it to you.

    Karen Bartlett

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