Bellingcat & Atlantic Council join to award exploited Syrian child & American mass murderer


-by Eva Bartlett

June 28, 2018,

Just when we thought the over-used Bana al-Abed story was in the war propaganda dustbin, the wonder-child theme has again been re-hashed, this time by the Atlantic Council.

The so-called “think tank” recently highlighted the nine-year old at a conference that also included former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright.

Bana, the child presented to the world in late 2016 as tweeting from eastern Aleppo about wanting peace, Russia being bad, Assad being bad, etcetera, became colonial media’s darling, the perfect cover for war propaganda. We are told that Bana al-Abed has written a memoir. She has attended galas, met the Turkish president, and hobnobbed with movie stars and UN officials. Now, the girl has been trotted out on stage to receive an award from the Atlantic Council.

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Damaged buildings in the Syrian city of Raqa. © Delil souleiman / AFP

Critical-thinkers aren’t fooled by the Bana story. As I wrote earlier:

Critiques on Amazon reveal that thinking people aren’t buying brand Bana, in spite of her UN appearance and rehearsed speech about children dying from bombs and hunger (which the United Nations retweeted, as all good neutral and credible institutions might).”

That her father was a member of a terrorist organization in Aleppo and worked in a Sharia Court has been documented, as has her family’s close proximity to numerous terrorist headquarters in their area of Aleppo alone.

But still, her official story is dragged on, endlessly.

Last April, after the world declared, with zero evidence, that Syria had used a toxic chemical on civilians in Douma, when Syrians testified to the contrary, Western leaders and corporate media labeled giving their testimony as a “masquerade,” “obscene.” They ignored the words of 11-year-old Hassan Diab from Douma. They ignored numerous reports of independent journalists whose reporting from Douma corroborate the testimonies. These people, corporate media tell us, are not to be believed.

Yet, as I wrote earlier, “Corporate media and Western leaders had no issues with the credibility of Bana, who was living surrounded by 25 terrorist cells in her district alone.”

Screenshot from 2018-06-26 09-05-30

What is the Atlantic Council?

Is the Atlantic Council some benevolent organization handing out awards to do-gooding people?

No. It’s a Washington DC-based think tank, which promulgates lies and propaganda to further imperialist wars and weapons sales, among other things. One of its Syria “experts” is none other than Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins, who recently took to social media to tell people to suck his “big balls,” making him more of a laughing stock than this backgrounder on the man with no qualifications to his title.

Screenshot from 2018-06-29 10-39-28Screenshot from 2018-06-29 10-39-37

Some of the Atlantic Council’s funders include: the US State Department, oil and weapons manufacturing companies, banks, NATO, various nations’ ministries of defence, and the US Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy.

Even just based on funding alone, and ignoring their pro-NATO policy papers, the Atlantic Council clearly exists to further the interests of those involved in weapons manufacturing, wars, and oil.

‘Banging’: Bellingcat’s interview with Bana

In her interview with Bellingcat, Bana seems more natural than in her early 2017 “save, save the children of Syria”interview (her reply to what kind of food she liked). This time, she can answer basic ‘how are you’ questions. Her replies are met with“cool, cool, cool,” and “banging,” by Bellingcat’s Nick Waters.

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© Thaer Mohammed

After the chit-chat, Bana begins what is clearly a scripted soliloquy, staring forward, possibly concentrating on repeating what is likely being transmitted to her ear, speaking about children and war, destroyed schools, and of course not ever mentioning the terrorists who surrounded her home and occupied schools as headquarters, nor that her own father was a terrorist.

It is a transparently unauthentic recitation, with Bana continually pausing mid-sentence, presumably to hear the rest of what she is told to say. After two and a half minutes of this cringeworthy monologue, she breaks into song, singing “We shall overcome.”

When later receiving her Atlantic Council “Freedom Award,” she gives another rehearsed speech, again halting mid-sentence throughout her five minutes of talking.

These theatrical performances, hosted and encouraged by the Atlantic Council and Bellingcat, epitomize the depth that the NATO alliance is willing to stoop to, grasping desperately at legitimacy in their transparent war propaganda.

It was not only a shameful, but an embarrassing, fail for the Atlantic Council. As of two days later, there isn’t a single positive comment on the Youtube video of her interview. To the contrary, comments speak of child abuse, war propaganda, and that the girl is likely being fed her lines by an earpiece.

On the Atlantic Council’s Youtube channel, comments are disabled for Bana’s award speech.

Failed Sherlocks accuse a non-bot of being a troll

The DFRLab is a project of the Atlantic Council, ostensibly to identify those prolific (Russian) bots and trolls out there.

On June 22, Atlantic Council CEO and President Fred Kempe tweeted:

“Checking in at the 360 / OS #DigitalSherlocks! The @DFRLab team is working together with activists and journalists from all around the world to enhance our ability to identify trolls in the web spreading disinformation and fake news that pollute our open societies.”

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The author with Douma residents © Eva Bartlett

The second photo in the tweet identifies three Twitter accounts as possible “trolls”: @Malinka1102, @ian56789, and @bowhunter_va.

One of the accused, @Malinka1102, tweeted about her preference for privacy and not being subjected to witch-hunts and harassment.

Having myself been a target of endless harassment and smear campaigns, I can appreciate her concerns, some of which are also included in a book by Phil Butler.

In fact, a new article by Ben Nimmo—who previously targeted @ian56789 as a “Russian bot” (an accusation revealed to be baseless when Ian gave a live Sky News interview, revealing himself to be concerned British man)—now targets a number of twitter profiles as “trolls”, including yours truly.

So basically, people who challenge the State Department, sorry, Atlantic Council, Human Rights Watch, and all the other arms of the US and UK governments on their war propaganda are not thinking people with consciences, they are just “trolls”. That’s what DFRLab wants you to believe.

Atlantic Council awards its own war propaganda

On awarding Bana al-Abed, the Atlantic Council tweeted about her humanizing the “Syrian civil war.”

Screenshot from 2018-06-29 10-43-34

Oh, the irony. The exploited child’s Twitter account has called for World War Three, has whitewashed Al-Qaeda and indeed Bana’s own father Ghassan, a terrorist with the Safwa Brigade.


The irony of also awarding Madeleine Albright — known for her lack of remorse over the 500,000 Iraqi children who died as a result of sanctions — was not lost on people.

Screenshot from 2018-06-29 10-46-43

Every new Bana production mocks the children in Syria who are actually starving — like those in Ghouta when under terrorist rule, those when under terrorist rule in eastern Aleppo, in Madaya, in al-Waer — and who are being maimed or murdered by terrorist bombings.

The Atlantic Council and Bellingcat are guilty of war propaganda. As @ian56789 wrote to me in a message:

“The members of the Atlantic Council and DFRLab should be indicted as accomplices to War Crimes, for providing actual material support to al-Qaeda terrorists, and for Treason (actively supporting official enemies of the US & UK). They should be spending the rest of their lives in jail and fined every penny they’ve got.”

And those abusing and exploiting Bana al-Abed in their ongoing war propaganda should join them.

8 thoughts on “Bellingcat & Atlantic Council join to award exploited Syrian child & American mass murderer

  1. These people are becoming increasingly more unhinged. Madeleine Albright, famous for insisting the deaths of 500,000 human beings was a price worth paying to oust Saddam needs no further comment apart from the fact it reinforces my hope that we will all pay for our crimes (or otherwise) when we leave this world.
    Bana has quite clearly been some sort of weird attempt by J K Rowling and a heap of media lunatics to create this fantasy figure, culminating in her and her family living happily ever after in Turkey after escaping the evil clutches of the ‘insane dictator’ Bashar al Assad.
    Just like one of Rowlings far out plots for a book, reality doesn’t enter the equation. Bana’s terrorist father can not be swept under the carpet, no matter how many sweeping brushes they give the equally deranged Eliot Higgins.
    Similarly, the Atlantic Council, despite the rather grand name they gave themselves, is not unlike a bunch of cartoon characters from a seventies weekly comic.
    All we need in this acid-trip like dream is a knight in shining armour. Is that Erdogan I see on a white horse coming over the brow of the hill?
    Reality really is stranger than fiction.

  2. You deserve huge amounts of thanks. This in depth uncovering, of the lies and deceit these evil killers are putting out, exposes it all. Again I repeat that the intelligent few are aware and they are growing. That should encourage you in difficult times when the battle seems insurmountable. I’ve noticed the word is spreading but I don’t notice that these blood thirsty people realized this. Even Blair admitted to war crimes and WMD lies. Truth will win but they will not pay for their crimes. Maybe their conscience will make them suffer, when it’s too late and they are discarded in the garbage of history.

  3. Most of this the American public doesn’t understand! The American public has been white washed in thinking all American military activity worldwide is to free the people to make their own choice of leaders! Nothing could be further from the truth. This is especially true if they are elected or appointed leaders using the established method in place do not allow the US to get whatever they want from that country!

    What I have never understood is “Why the US things that killing several times the number of civilians in World War II they were ever executed by the Nazis is justified?” All course, I have my bias because I was born smack dab in the middle of World War II in Deutschland (Germany) and lived in the occupied country 1945-1951 in two different occupation zone specifically the Russian occupation zone and the American occupation zone.

    I would appreciate it if you could explain what an occupied country is since I have found, the US population doesn’t know.

    What I would further like you to explain what Palestine is! Something that the American public apparently does not understand is that Palestinians only means those living in Palestine and the formation of the modern state of Israel. It has no religious connotation. Thanks!

  4. “People give me all types of advice, designed to enLIGHTen me!” John Lennon – Watching the Wheels

    When he calls out all of the Ba’al worshippers. I guess no modern day writer. Since writers like Edgar Allan Poe, Eustace Mullins, and Ezra Pound are all gone now. And apparently when they are able to approach their level of genius, they all are going the way of Gary Webb and William Cooper more and more frequently. It’s a sick sad world. I also highly recommend the cover of every Kansas album released before 2000. Open your eyes.

  5. Madeleine Albright who “only later in life found out she was jewISH.”

    I suppose the ones who did the Holodomor and the Bengali startvation homocidal massacres must have only found oit theyxwere all from her “race” to the bottom too.

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