old Aleppo shop owner: Just leave us in peace and we will re-build

More from my January 2019 re-visit to Aleppo, Syria.
Again in the old city of Aleppo, and around the Citadel, I speak with civilians about life, take footage from a city ravaged by terrorism but rebuilding, and add a bit of footage from November 2016 where the person I was with told me terrorists burned the old souq before leaving.
Shop owner:
“This is not my work. My work, I have a factory for bottling olive oil, in Idlib.” [When was the last time you saw it?] “Before 8 years.”

See previous clips from Aleppo:
Memory Lane, Old Aleppo: November 2016 Terrorist Snipers Vs Today’s Peace
Reconstruction in Aleppo
Signs of Reconstruction Among the Destruction in Old Aleppo
*Thanks to R&U Videos for compiling some of my clips into a video:
Shops Re-Opened in Old Aleppo
Aleppo Taxi Driver and Singer 🙂
From A Main Square in Aleppo That Was Sniped & Bombed By “Moderate” Terrorists
Ibrahim, an Aleppo Resident, Speaks About Experiences as Syrian Army Volunteer
Lively Clothes Market, Aleppo–The City That Did NOT Fall

7 thoughts on “old Aleppo shop owner: Just leave us in peace and we will re-build

  1. have enjoyed listening to you and the people of Syria.

    do not need to know what the blessing is, to know that it is.


  2. It’s remarkable how your reports, although simple and without fanfare, speak volumes about the truth of the situation in Syria. These are a remarkable people with a great heart, sadly and unjustifiably made to undergo an unjust war. Thank you Eva, for your courage in bringing this information to the world and for your commitment to telling the truth. All the best to you and to the Syrian people.

  3. A lot is being said about rebuilding ~ Do Not accept USAID or any of the US State Dept traps. Should be rule #1.
    I feel notifying President Trump how much you appreciate pulling out of Syria is, to world peace and prosperity ~
    Even a Trump tower in Damascus is preferable to the carnage and detritus that Syrians face… He didn’t ‘do’ Syria and if ever there was a “presidential” move that was/is it. (He may even get palsy with NK jung-un;) Sadly Bolton is auguring us into another country desperate to rebuild. One pile of Capitalism after another to save ‘them’ from Socialism…
    I feel that letting Pres Trump how much you appreciate getting out of Syria! The reasons are irrelevant. (yes, yes i know so he can indulge disabling a few more countries …) but the carnage is beyond real with Syria.
    The ‘murikkkan public is wonder’n when ‘n if we could choose off some country that didn’t kick our ass…Oh the red wht n blu besmirched, whatever. We’re loosing the Petro wars and we can’t be the baddest if we don’t have all the Petro fields on the planet and even that would not be enuff. The carbon foot print of the US Military is larger than all other Western countries Combined daily and yearly. We gotta have Oil, Got to have it…gotta have it …have it, wah wah Johnny; give guns to all those young murikk’n new Army of Gawd types – mercenaries at heart.

  4. maybe i spoke too soon ~ that Lurch in the WH has decided to leave 400 targets behind…note any US PoS there is a mercenary ~ shoot to kill

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