Fascinating Damascus Shop, No Silly MSM Backpack-Sniffing, Terrorist-Endorsing, Sensationalism ;)

Jun 7, 2019
Most of the responses to videos I’ve uploaded showing scenes of peace and interesting Syrian life have been positive. Now and then I get a snarky comment about being a tourist… (ignoring that I am actually waiting for Eid to finish and the chance to move around Syria again).
I personally feel it is important to show these ordinary scenes and shops (actually, quite extraordinary!), and to always highlight that prior to the liberation of eastern Ghouta, and Yarmouk, and Hajjar al-Aswad, this peace was marred by terrorist mortars and missiles. [See also: UN Feigns Outrage Over Ghouta While Terrorist Rockets Rain Down on Damascus, February 2018]
Further, prior to the US and allies orchestrated war on Syria, Syria was one of the safest countries to visit and live in–I’ve had Syrians telling me this since 2014 when I first had the chance to come here.
So, yes, ‘normality’ in the sense that bombs aren’t falling on Damascus… but extraordinary given the mishmash of history and culture tucked into this one little shop. Beautiful Syria.
More videos from Syria here

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