Crimean MP: “Crimea Under Ukraine Was Robbed”

In Simferopol, Crimea, in August, I met with Yuri Gempel, a Member of Parliament, and the Chairman of the Standard Commission on Inter-Ethnic Relations of the Parliament of Crimea.

Excerpt from our conversation:

“Crimea, under Ukraine, was robbed,” Gempel says. “Everything was taken by the government and representatives of the ruling elite of Ukraine. For the 23 years Crimea was a part of Ukraine, they robbed Crimea. Not a single kindergarten was built in Crimea during those years. Kindergartens built during Soviet times stopped functioning.

But the main issue is that during that time, the people still felt themselves to be in Russian territory, not Ukrainian, in language, culture and in spirit. Under Ukrainian rule, Crimeans were made to speak Ukrainian, although Crimeans’ native language is Russian. People were deprived of the right to be in state service if they did not speak Ukrainian.”

One comment

  1. Once one figures out that the US State Dept is in cahoots with Wall St then things become more clear…who’s assets are to be protected and who’s are not.
    We can only hope that the Ukrainian gubmint as we know it now, will rot away, with the help of Israhell, US of A, Canaduh, and other existential nobodies.
    The Donbass needs to be heard too ~ I read somewhere a long ways back that the Don-Bass after WWII was supposed to be its own entity ~ i struggle to find that info today.
    I think that if i had another place to go adventure in after adventuring in SBP and Moscou, having nothing to do with either, is Crimea.
    Thank you very much Eva for your labors and Investigative Journalism.

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