Fault Lines Radio ⚡️ NOW: Twitter Still Busy Banning the Left, Right… and Your News Alternatives w/ EvaKBartlett

On Fault Lines yesterday, we discuss Twitter (and social media in general) censorship.
Watch HERE
Also HERE (the last 30 minutes)
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Social Media Censorship Reaches New Heights as Twitter Permanently Bans Dissent: Mnar Muhawesh speaks with journalist Daniel McAdams about being permanently banned from Twitter, social media censorship and more.


  1. When I watch Australian programmes (eg ABC News Breakfast – which I don’t anymore), with Michael Rowland, Lisa Millar, Paul Kennedy et al, I am so embarrassed, ashamed – and sickened.

    Victoria and Daria made me so proud. Thank you as always, Eva.

  2. Thanks for another well-prepared & researched interview! I’m surprised your interlocutors were merely asking whether there was organized censorship behind the social media black-outs. To coin a phrase, looks like ‘coordinated authentic activity’ to me.. After all, all our so-called ‘social media’ has sprung from the fetid loins of ARPA & In-Q-Tel.

  3. Now, as if to prove the point, PayPal is getting into the act too: “PAYPAL BLOCKS DONATIONS TO THE GRAYZONE THAT MENTION IRAN” [https://thegrayzone.com/2020/01/09/paypal-blocks-donations-iran/]. The whole idea is to create an hermetically-sealed bubble in which no thoughts not in line with the ‘Party Line’ are heard or even known of…. ignorance is contro

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