Damascus Streets Early May

Compilation of scenes around Damascus on my daily walks, where an air of normality continues to prevail.
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-Old Damascus streets on April 21, 2020
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6 thoughts on “Damascus Streets Early May

  1. Don’t show these pictures to the small and beleagerd people of the zionist entity.
    He’ll bring democracy.

  2. Thank you Eva: https://www.opednews.com/articles/The-Streets-of-Damascus-Sy-by-Eva-Bartlett-Syria_Syrian-Situation-200509-929.html#comment763376

    Here is my comment:

    While the West cowers from a flu virus, do the people ever think about the horrendous suffering they have inflicted on the rest of the world? They send tax-dollar paid mercenary terrorists to terrorize old men, women, children and babies in Asia. Then they blockade food, medicine and equipment needed to fix the waterworks that they bombed.

    What if North Americans (US and Canada) had to cope with a foreign invasion for 9 years and still counting? Would their biggest concern still be where to get toilet paper?

    Yes, it makes me angry.

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