Interview With Canadian physicist and interdisciplinary scientist, Denis Rancourt

Fascinating conversation with Ottawa-based physicist and interdisciplinary scientist, Denis Rancourt, a former tenured professor of physics at U of Ottawa (for 20+ years) and currently a researcher with the Ontario Civil Liberties Association.

Denis speaks about a variety of issues pertaining to Covid, the faulty science around all things Covid, Ontario’s incompetent chief medical officers, the brutality of lockdowns—especially on the disadvantaged of society, and more.

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“No certified uncontaminated samples of the purported pathogen (SARS-CoV-2) were or are available for scientific study and biotech development. The genetic sequence was concocted in the absence of a purified sample of the presumed pathogen, using indirect methods.”

8 thoughts on “Interview With Canadian physicist and interdisciplinary scientist, Denis Rancourt

  1. YouTube(Google) as you may know, has been heavily censoring truth tellers. It would be a good idea to upload your content to other platforms, besides YouTube. Many truth seekers no longer use YouTube so, although you may wake up some who are still lost, a lot of your potential followers are elsewhere. looks promising. Bitchute is popular but there are a lot of wingnuts there as well.
    Is it OK to grab videos such as this one and share?

  2. Reblogged this on skoolafishblog and commented:
    What a marvellous interview Eva – thank you for introducing me to Denis.

    Just yesterday I bumped into a couple of old friends I had not seen for ten years and made many of these points re the anti-science and anti-health COVID hoax, but it so reassuring to be able to share the much more articulate expression by Denis Rancourt.

    Humbly reblogged for what it is worth …

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