Canadians have been locked down “for your own good” by experts not fully qualified in their field

-by Eva K Bartlett

July 22, 2021, In Gaza

Canadians suffering some of the longest and harshest lockdowns in the world might be outraged to learn that some experts advising lockdown strategies are not even qualified to do so. Including the Chief Medical Officer of Canada.

I’ve previously written about lockdowns and their dangerous repercussions on many, especially children and those in need of health care long-delayed because of Covid measures.

In my April 2021 article on Ontario lockdowns, I noted that Premier Doug Ford had openly said he isn’t making the policy decisions, the chief medical officers are. He also said it would essentially be political suicide to go against them.

“To be frank, there’s no politician in the country who’s going to disagree with their chief medical officer. They’re just not going to do it. They might as well throw a rope around their neck and jump off a bridge.”

In that article, I also noted how Toronto’s Associate Medical Officer of Health (MOH), Dr. Barbara Yaffe and (the then Chief MOH) Dr. David Williams, admitted they are just reading a script (laughing), “I just say what they write down for me.”

Recently, I spoke with Canadian physicist and interdisciplinary scientist, Denis Rancourt, about Canada’s Covid measures and their repercussions.

On the matter of Ontario’s Chief Medical Officers, Rancourt looked into their actual formal training. He told me, “There is a very specific and very serious certification for public health medicine, controlled by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.”

According to Rancourt’s research, Theresa Tam, the Chief Medical Officer of Canada, is not certified in public health and preventative medicine.

“She has two specializations which are not the public health specialization that you need to be a public health officer.”

From his research, using publicly available information, Rancourt concludes that in fact many top people aren’t certified medically to practise the kind of medicine they are practising in that position.

“The same is true of the provincial chief public health officer of Saskatchewan. Her only specialty is anesthesia. Yet, she was involved in firing a surgeon who was critical of vaccinating children. She was part of the committee of three that fired him and justified that firing. And she is not certified in that area.”

Based on his research, Rancourt estimates that around 20% of public health officers in Ontario are not certified in public health.

Even for those who are, they are not always competent to read the scientific literature, Rancourt maintains, and write reports that distort the scientific literature.

“They’ll emphasize things from unreliable research that is not randomized control trials, that is full of bias. Because they like the results, they’ll emphasize those and use that as pretexts for the policies that they’re recommending, and they will not emphasize the high quality research that is free of bias, which does the opposite of the research that they are selecting to emphasize.”

Deadly and damaging policies

As I wrote in April, with the longterm lockdowns, there have been dramatic rises in serious mental health issues, suicides and self harm, domestic abuse, substance abuse, and deaths not attributed to Covid 19 and not seen to such a degree in prior years.

Some days ago, lawyer and MPP for York Centre (Toronto), Roman Baber, reiterated these points he had warned of in mid-2020.

Denis Rancourt spoke of the effect of lockdowns on disadvantaged people, effects potentially more severe than the already dire finacial effects.

“There are a number of people in our society who get by on social welfare, but who have all kinds of part time jobs under the table. That gives them social contact, gives them a bit of extra money, gives them meaning in their lives.”

When the economy screeched to a halt, under continued lockdowns, these were among many people dramatically affected to the negative.

“All the places where these people would get employment—all the small bars and restaurants, where they’d be washing dishes and cleaning up after hours, and all this kind of stuff disappeared from one day to the next.”

Small businesses have been devastated, many forced to shut down. Now, apparently just 35% operate at normal revenue levels.

Back in April when I wrote about this, I cited a petition to end Ontario’s lockdown of small businesses, which counted the over 440,000 small businesses in Ontario that have been affected, dramatically, by the nonsensical lockdown measures.

More recently, I came across a letter to Premier Ford written by a Toronto restaurant owner, Regan Irvine, in which he pledged to follow the government safety guidelines for restaurants but asked for common sense in return. He wrote:

“Over the last year, my mother and I have depleted our life savings to try to keep the restaurant afloat. We have cashed in RRSPs, drained savings accounts, maxed out credit cards and maxed out lines of credit because the government assistant programs simply aren’t enough.

As most high-level government officials come from established and financially privileged families, I don’t believe you truly understand the hardships, mental health, stress, and daily challenges that we face.

Your half-assed lockdowns are causing people to lose everything while all of your have still collected full pay.”

At this point, I will remind readers that not once or twice but many, many, a time over the past year and a half, Canadians in positions of power have repeatedly violated the very lockdown and “safety” measures so brutally inflicted on Canadians.

And I posed the questions:

Why have Canadians been cut off from work, family, worship, and the basics of life if not “to save lives”?

-When so many in positions of power have breached the very rules they preach, doesn’t that make you a little furious not only how there are separate sets of rules, but how lives have been utterly destroyed by these measures?

Censorship 2021 prevails! For public safety…

Two days after I uploaded my interview with Denis Rancourt, Youtube removed it and notified me it had “violated community guidelines” (kindly tell me what “community guidelines” this scientist violates).

Team Youtube tweeted at me that the removal might be a mistake that I might like to appeal. But having seen countless examples of such “mistakes”, aka brazen censorship of unwanted voices, I know an appeal is futile, Big Tech authoritarianism trumps science and debate these days.

That said, I do believe it is worth the time to listen to what Rancourt has to say, perhaps do some followup research on your own, and come to your own conclusions, without letting the oft-unqualified “experts” (or Youtube) decide on your behalf.


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