Statement of Non-Compliance with Mandatory Vaccination in Canadian Universities


First it was not even a university, but Seneca College. Then it was the University of Ottawa. Then Carleton University, the University of Western Ontario, and the University of Toronto. Now it is almost every university in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The law faculty at McGill is also demanding it, presumably to save the university from expensive litigation (an implied threat, and one that strangely assumes that only one side of a debate can litigate in court). If it happens first in the United States, then almost immediately it is copied and pasted into policy in Canada. It is coming everywhere: mandatory vaccination for all faculty, staff, and students.

As a tenured, full Professor in Canada, it is my duty to encourage all faculty to be united in non-compliance with such measures.

Mandatory vaccination pressures are issued allegedly in accordance with “public health”. However, they are mandated through…

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3 thoughts on “Statement of Non-Compliance with Mandatory Vaccination in Canadian Universities

  1. Today BC made vaccination passports pretty much mandatory. August 23rd 2021.

    They are setting up a data base noting 3 levels of protection,

    Fully vaccinated

    Partially vaccinated

    Not vaccinated

    Nothing about having natural immunity due to having had COVID 19

    So if one wants to go into public spaces then one will have to show the passport of one vaccine up until Sept 13, 2021 and document 2 jabs after October 24th.

    They made sure to make the point. NO exceptions as not having been vaccinated and trying to attend public events or public spaces is considered a discretionary decision and therefore one will be excluded.

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