JOEY B TOONZ on the idiocracy of what’s going on in the world right now

I spoke with comedian and social commentator, Joey B, on his (extremely funny) comedic work exposing the narcissism so prevalent on social media platforms nowadays, and the censorship he faces for doing so.

“I find that any time any of my content gets removed, I always find that same content on multiple channels, major channels, whether news organizations or big just big Youtube channels. And the only difference between my videos and their videos is my commentary. So apparently they don’t like what I’m saying.

Every platform, I’m on the risk of deletion. Cause I’m such a menace to society, apparently. And all I’m doing, I’m basically trying to highlight the idiocracy of what going on in the world right now, saying some of the stuff that we accept as normal is the problem.”

“What if you worked at a one hour photo place in the ’90s and you got a roll of film in, and you’re in the darkroom and you’re developing the film and you see it’s all some person’s face making duck lips. You would think this was sent over by a psychiatric ward for review or something.

And now its on everybody’s camera roll. It’s common. Photos of themselves in the mirror with the toilet behind. It’s disgusting. And nobody says anything about it. Then me, I’m the guy that’s shouting in the sky about it and I get banned for it. I’m the problem, somehow.”

We also discuss the blind, unquestioning, obedience of many these days, and the nonsensical “health” measures they obey (while politicians do the opposite).

As bizarre as some of the things discussed are, this was a really enjoyable, and disturbingly insightful, conversation.

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4 thoughts on “JOEY B TOONZ on the idiocracy of what’s going on in the world right now

  1. Oh yes, reply to comments based on facts and complaints go in, to find yourself suspended, or some other ‘allegation’ of breaking rules. Nobody wants their LIES exposed? Actions of people upon others especially women or minorities, says lots.

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