Iain Davis, of In This Together, on “pandemic” narratives & on “exercising our inalienable rights”

Recently, I spoke with UK-based writer Iain Davis, author of the blog, In This Together, and also a contributor to 21st Century Wire, the UK Column, Off Guardian, Zero Hedge and the Corbett Report, and author of several books.

Iain has worked in health and social care most of his life, working predominantly with people with mental health, substance misuse and acute housing needs, and has always maintained a keen interest in geopolitics. Read more on his about page.

We discussed why he was from early on skeptical of the pandemic narratives, as well as some of the crazy measures taken in the UK, fear porn in the media to further demonize those who choose not to take an experimental, and highly risky, Covid jab. He also highlighted ways to resist the absurd measures being imposed under the pretext of public health.

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https://www.bitchute.com/channel/in-this-together/ https://steemit.com/@oyddodat https://www.minds.com/InThisTogether/

Visit his website for still further links as well as to purchase his books.

From his about page:

“I speak out because I know humans have the capacity for immense strength, compassion and solidarity. I’ve seen it every day, throughout my working life. However, we are constantly pitted against each other by an establishment built upon the concept of ‘divide and rule.’ These divisions can only ever lead to conflict. Often, that is the intention.

Yet division is not innate to us, rather we have it thrust upon us by leaders who promise solutions but operate a strategy of tension. I firmly believe that we, the people, have the capacity build a better society. I hope, through my writing and content creation, I can contribute, in a small way, towards reinvigorating critical thought.”

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3 thoughts on “Iain Davis, of In This Together, on “pandemic” narratives & on “exercising our inalienable rights”

  1. Thank you Eva and for introducing me to Iain Davis …

    A few anecdotes:

    “If teachers don’t step in, pupils researching the topic themselves may fall prey to conspiracy theories.
    Schoolchildren must be properly taught about the September 11 terrorist attacks to stop them from researching the event themselves and falling down “dangerous rabbit holes” of online conspiracy theories, say experts.”
    • UK schools must teach about 9/11 terrorist attacks, say experts – The Guardian

    Wikipukia (‘nuff said}:
    “The September 11 attacks, also commonly referred to as 9/11, were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the militant Islamic terrorist group al-Qaeda against the United States of America on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001.”

    And now RT:
    “Two decades ago, hijackers commandeered several airplanes and flew them toward high-profile targets to spread terror across the US. These attacks resulted in thousands of deaths with the collapse of the World Trade Center. It also resulted in a disastrous attack on the Pentagon, near Washington, DC.”

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