Corbett Report: “How to Disarm Propaganda – Mark Crispin Miller on #SolutionsWatch”

Brilliant interview, must listen.

Watch/listen here

Show notes here

*So much of what Mark speaks of re media smears & character assassinations as a means of discrediting someone is very familiar to me, having been smeared since 2016 for my stances on Syria.

“…In hammering away at the same bogus narrative, they’ll also take shots at people or voices that are in disagreement. There will be a lot of jeering, a lot of ridicule, they’ll call people ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘Covid deniers’ or accuse them of hate speech. There’s a certain roster of put-downs, of attacks, that are inevitable, we hear them all the time.

When we hear that, read that, that’s the first thing we should go look at: precisely what is being dismissed, what is being attacked, what is being called a ‘hoax’, what is being called ‘fake news’.

Read that. Listen to those voices. Look at the people that have been cancelled. Look at Robert Malone. Look at Mike Yeadon. Look at Sucharit Bhakdi. They’re these terrific medical scientists who really make a compelling case, and often demolish the mainstream narrative and do it effectively.

That is precisely why the media will slander them. Because the point is not to get you to entertain various sides of an issue, the point to make sure you don’t even try.

…You have to note whether they (media) are making any arguments, because they’re usually not making arguments. When they call someone a ‘conspiracy theorist’, they’ve actually revealed that they have lost the argument already precisely because they don’t want us having it, they don’t want us hearing an argument. They want us in lockstep, wholly compliant, and completely credulous…”

4 thoughts on “Corbett Report: “How to Disarm Propaganda – Mark Crispin Miller on #SolutionsWatch”

  1. Things are getting worse here everyday. Not like Syria where the bombs and the bullets and the sanctions are flying but non-the less. This week was the start of the laying off of the employees that are not volunteering up the information on their vaccination status. They are actually starting to lay off medical workers and provincial & federal employees. I’m really hoping that the wheels fall off this thing rather quickly before there are thousands and thousands of people dumped in critical industries as well as the working poor who have no margins at all.

    Last week it was “If you don’t disclose you will be laid off and you will not get any UI benefits you may have been eligible for.” This week it is “You will have a month and a half to get the jab and get reinstated but you have to disclose now to qualify.”

    These rough quote approximations come from CBC Radio (Covid Broadcasting Corporation) where to them the news consists of airing sound bites from government press conferences or reading a bunch of government news releases.

    Stay safe Eva.

  2. Sadly, all things that people like Corbett have predicted since long ago, warning that those who dismiss vax passports & the like as “temporary measures” or “for our own good” or non-invasive would one day face the reality of being fully excluded from society. Even those who play along will, I have to imagine, eventually reach their breaking point, after endless boosters & declined health…but it will be too late. It almost already is too late…

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