About me, update

Hi folks,

Since some of you may have come across me in recent years/months/weeks…I’m sharing my “about” section, filled with links to my journalism & activism from 2007 on, in occupied Palestine, Syria, Venezuela, the Donbass and elsewhere.

Perhaps you’ve come across me regarding my reporting from Syria, and maybe haven’t read about the things I witnessed & documented in occupied Palestine, particularly in my three years in Gaza (spanning from late 2008 to early 2013, including 2 Israeli massacres of the people of Gaza and many daily Israeli terrorism bombings that never make the “news”, as well as working with farmers and coming under Israeli live fire (which also doesn’t make the news), and the brutal effects of Israel’s draconian siege on Gaza.

In any case, read here for more on my earlier reporting (sadly, it is still very pertinent today, the situation in Gaza even worse than when I wrote about it 10 years ago, and still out of the headlines…).

Check here for my Linktree–links to various media platforms, since censorship is so rampant.

Join my Telegram channel, where I share news from a variety of other sources & channels.

And thank you to all who support in any way!

17 thoughts on “About me, update

  1. I have been watching your news reports and posts on RT, you tube etc for a good few years now and I just know that you and Vanessa Beeley are amazing and very brave individuals to do what you have done in the many places where other reporters would not even dream of going without some sort of security arrangement in place albeit from the likes of ISIS or other sympathetic extremist organization. I, like many other will continue to support you in all that you will do in the future and will watch for your published articles with great interest. Take care and stay safe Eva.

  2. Hello Eva.
    It is good to hear about how you and your work is getting on. I have been a supporter and follower for quite a few years. I saw you a couple of times in person, although we did not meet or speak to each other, at your talks in London.
    The seige of Gaza is a terrible ongoing blight and offence.
    I like you and your work a lot.
    All the best.
    Keep up the good work.
    Colin Connaughton

  3. Thanks for this Eva. I value your reporting enormously. I greatly admire your physical and psychological courage.

    Best wishes

    John Wilson

    Newcastle upon Tyne, England


  4. Thank you for all you do Eva! You have accomplished so much, already, and I look forward to watching you bring even more light to a sometimes very dark world. You are a big part of making change possible!!

  5. Hi Eva,
    I’ve been following your brave and courageous journalism for several years now, especially your Syrian coverage. You are the antidote to the corporate propagandist media. Love all the video and photos and extensive writing you have done. It really puts into sharp perspective the suffering of the people of Syria, Gaza, Donbass and elsewhere. Keep up the courageous fight!

  6. Thanks for your tireless work and the unflinching courage you have shown most especially when covering the wars in Palestine and Syria. Those of us who also seek truth and justice greatly appreciate all of the tremendous reporting you do and wish you the very best.

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