Melissa Marlein, an Ontario PSW of 2 decades fired for refusing the experimental Covid jab

On January 20, 2022, I spoke with Windsor, Ontario, Personal Support Worker, Melissa Marlein, who was recently fired from her work of nearly 20 years. She is among an estimated 10,000 health care workers likewise fired for refusing to be subject to the unethical & dangerous medical experiment that are the Covid jabs.


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Continued lockdowns are a ticking time bomb that will cause a global health crisis in the near future

The cruelties we have inflicted on children under Covid-19 are unethical and immoral, we’re devastating a whole generation

3 thoughts on “Melissa Marlein, an Ontario PSW of 2 decades fired for refusing the experimental Covid jab

  1. I’m not getting the fake “vaccine” either. Besides being experimental and causing variants such as Delta and Omicron as the virus mutates to by-pass the “vaccine”, and causing health problems and emergencies and even death in some receivers of the “vaccine”, it is made, in research and development, from the fresh tissue of aborted babies. The pharmacies, Gates and the abortion industry are the ones who profit.

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