Western Claims of Russian Mass Graves Near Mariupol Another Fake News Hoax–I Know, I Went To See For Myself

According to Western media, now copy-paste reporting the same claims, Russian forces apparently secretly buried *up to 9,000 Mariupol civilians* in “mass graves” in a town just west of the city. Except, it never happened, there is no mass grave.

It’s actually just a normal, small, cemetery…no pits, no mass graves, just an orderly cemetery whose grave diggers refuted Western claims.

On April 23, with journalist Roman Kosarev, I went to Mangush (Manhush in Ukrainian), found a normal cemetery setting, and spoke with the men responsible for burials, who refused the allegations and said they buried each person in a coffin, including, they noted, Ukrainian soldiers.

17 thoughts on “Western Claims of Russian Mass Graves Near Mariupol Another Fake News Hoax–I Know, I Went To See For Myself

  1. great work Eva typical western media fake news when will it end.Have been following you since the Syrian war.Once agan thanks for the real news and look after yourself .
    patrick smith.

  2. bravo dear Eva! for my side, I managed since March to exchange views with the special M-East advisor of our president on how to stop both wars in Ukraine and Syria. He highly valuated and uses my suggestions, based on my old and deep knowledge of the M-E region. Cross fingers!

  3. As Mark R Elsis wrote,
    “Love is the answer”, i agree but on the path of love there must be truth.

    Eva, your documentation on the ground of reality presents the truth as evidenced in your documentation.

    So here we are in a world where a few men have concieved & built secret organizations recruiting a very dark blood ritual membership to advance by force their hidden agenda.

    Only reciently through Cynthia Chung at Rising Tide & your mention of her & Vanessa Beeley, do i have a fragment of insight into the foundational roles of Leo Strauss & Gladio, in this blood bath that sweeps the globe in recient decades.

    Truth & knowledge is power.
    So much more to learn.
    What a pleasure to follow you.
    Thank you for bringing light to the truth . -Ron

  4. Well done, Eva; I’m not sure how many people actually believe such nonsense, but nonsense must be the slowest commodity to lose its effectiveness, as hundreds of thousands of political campaigns featuring known liars attest; people believe what they want to believe no matter how many times they are lied to. Max Van Der Werff did something similar with the MH-17 Big Lie – went to the locations and asked questions and scoped it out for believability. He even got into a catfight online with Bellhead Eliot Higgins over whether a particular overpass could or could not have been used as a transit route for the mythical Buk system, posting photographs which demonstrated it had been blocked off with concrete barriers for the entire period of concern. People who will go there and show the truth are heroes; it’s been kind of hard to be proud to be a Canadian these days, but you’ve made a start for me, Thank you.

  5. Thanks for your impartial and courageous reporting! I hope this important video reaches millions and serves to moderate the increasingly high pitched calls to escalate the war.

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