Debunking Western Media’s Latest Mariupol Mass Grave Hoax, By Actually Going to the Cemeteries in Question

In recent days Western media have resurrected the “mass graves” near Mariupol claims, and since—unlike any of the people behind those claims, I’m actually in the Donetsk People’s Republic and actually went to the sites in question—I made this video to debunk the propaganda.

*Youtube is preventing me from uploding, so the clip is on my Odysee & my Rumble.


Western Claims of Russian Mass Graves Near Mariupol Another Fake News Hoax–I Know, I Went To See

British Bullshit Corporation Whitewashes Ukrainian Nazis

4 thoughts on “Debunking Western Media’s Latest Mariupol Mass Grave Hoax, By Actually Going to the Cemeteries in Question

  1. Hi Ms. Bartlett,

    I have been following your work for a long time. I am a palestinian-dominican writer and SME on security and risk management for the public and private sector.

    Right now, between the Dominican Republic and Haiti there’s a lot of racial and political tension, as most of the populations in both countries are being goaded into a violent race war and the international community seems ok with ignoring it. There are radical islamic factions taking hold of the haitian side, while there’s a strong discourse on the dominican side about racial violence.

    Very little attention has been given by the international media, which could play a pivotal role by pressuring both sides into bringing common sense and diplomacy back on the table.

    If you woud like more information, just request away, but we could provide with useful data to outlets and reporters interested in this situation.

    Hope to hear soon from you,

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Eva. K.
    Definitely you have become a staple for me for information with verity.
    As well a ‘hero’ but more so, a little sister that I worry about and am truly proud of. Odd huh? Life is just so fucked and impersonal, but Eva, you have a humanity about you that comes through in your approach passion and sincerity. Take care I’ll be supporting you from The US.
    Bill sonic Fricke

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