Tamara Lorincz: Canada’s Support For Ukraine’s War on the Donbass & Canada’s Anti-Russia Policies

I spoke with Canadian researcher and writer, Tamara Lorincz, about Canada’s militaristic foreign and defence policies, Canada’s belligerent NATO role in bombing sovereign nations, Canada’s role in fomenting the Maidan protests which preceded the (2014) illegal coup in Ukraine, and, among other things, Canada’s support to Ukraine’s war on the Donbass.

Tamara has a Masters in International Politics and Security Studies and is currently working on her PhD. She has has long been very actively involved in various anti-war, peace & educational initiatives, with an emphasis in exposing the military’s impacts on the environment, Canadian defence and foreign policy, disarmament, & resistance to NATO, among many other things.

See her bio here: https://www.balsillieschool.ca/people/tamara-lorincz/

Follow her: https://twitter.com/TamaraLorincz

Conversation points:

*Trudeau government & Canada’s new defence policy: (June 2017) “Strong, Secure and Engaged”–a “militaristic, belligerent, posture on the world. Canada will spend $553 billion on military over next 20 years…Defence policy very informed by membership in NATO & partnership in NORAD.”

*Canada’s role in the illegal bombing of the former Yugoslavia (1999)

*Canada’s role in the US-led illegal occupation of Afghanistan (Canada has never been held accountable for war crimes committed in Afghanistan)

*(2011) Canadian general led NATO’s bombing of Libya, killing civilians & destroying civilian infrastructure *(2014-2016) Canada’s illegal bombing, with US-led coalition, of Syria.

*Under Harper government, FM Baird was on the ground fomenting the Maidan protests & illegal coup; under Trudeau and Freeland support for Ukraine continues.


Canada’s interference in Ukrainian democracy





*My reports from the Donbass, under Ukrainian fire.



*Ukraine Intensified Its Shelling of the Donbass Weeks Before Russia’s Special Military Operation:

Fascinating Insights on Russia, by Americans Who Chose to Relocate Here

One thought on “Tamara Lorincz: Canada’s Support For Ukraine’s War on the Donbass & Canada’s Anti-Russia Policies

  1. Thanks for that Eva. Great job.

    I am thinking of writing a letter to my MP, highlighting this text and accusing my government for warmongering and purposefully engaging with teams aimed at illegal destruction of Russia in order for USA to maintain its hegemony and to loot Russian resources, and that Canada is likely guilty in abetting crimes against humanity. I intend to ask the MP to prove, and not just talk, that Canada is legally justified to do so, and that it has broad public support and that the public is not being misinformed by state controlled propaganda… etc.

    I aim to make a video about my plan to write to my MP, and ask the public if anybody else wishes to join me in a combined or individual letter campaign to mine, and all other members of parliament, and also send a modified letter to the premiers of all Canadian provinces.

    I wonder if you are able to add some suggestion, or if you are willing to get on record with me through video conference, about this possibly heinous act of the Cnadian Government and an appeal to Canadians to stand up against this global thuggery.

    Tony Mitra 10891 Cherry Lane, Delta, BC, V4E 3L7, Canada 1-604-649-7535 Tony.mitra@gmail.com


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