Dr. Marwa Osman On Recent Developments in Occupied Palestine

Following our mid-February conversation, I spoke again with Lebanese journalist and political commentator, Dr. Marwa Osman, about recent developments in occupied Palestine.

Among the things discussed were:

-The new Israeli law passed in the Knesset that legitimizes the deportation & ethnic cleansing of Palestinians by revoking their citizenship and residency.

-The near-daily resistance acts against the occupation forces, particularly at inhumane “checkpoints” & against Israeli invasions into Jenin Camp.

-The UN Charter on right for people under occupation to defend themselves by any means possible, including armed resistance.

-That Israel bombs Gaza and Syria routinely without world condemnation, including just two weeks after the worst earthquake to hit the Levant in 100 years.

-The brutal Israeli policies of terrorism in Gaza: gunning down fishers and farmers; shooting medics, including firing dart bombs at medics; the over 15 year full blockade of Gaza; destroying Gaza’s sole power plant and not allowing Palestinians to rebuild it; not allowing Palestinians to maintain or improve on their sewage holding and treatment facilities (meaning floods of sewage, sewage pumped into the sea, sewage contaminating the ground water).

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Israel’s airstrikes in Syria are not newsworthy for Western media, as a result status quo continues & civilians suffer


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